Seeking the best of food, music & books in Lucknow? Parul's Gramophone is here to serve you!

Seeking the best of food, music & books in Lucknow? Parul's Gramophone is here to serve you!

If you are a sucker for wholesome experiences, you can't miss out on this place.

While in Lucknow, we can never have enough of tempting spaces and one of these is Parul's Gramophone. Seated in Vikas Khand, Gomti Nagar, this is a platform that accumulates the finest food, good music and readworthy books in the most simplistic fashion ever. Blending the best of Sangeet, Swaad and Sahitya, this one-of-a-kind place provides opportunities for middle-aged individuals and senior citizens, looking to dive into an array of interests ranging from music to culinary!

Home-style meals to satiate all your cravings!

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What sparkles like the central attraction of this place is its food. The sumptuous preparations offered by Parul's Gramophone succeed in winning the hearts of all their customers with their appealing taste and impeccable quality. In a move to highlight the significance of Indian culture, Gramophone's kitchen uses traditional Indian recipes and pot water instead of bottled water.

Amid this pandemic, they have also come to the rescue of COVID patients and everyone who wishes to have a meal in the comfort of their homes. Parul's Gramophone has been delivering home-style meals, all around the city!

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Boosting the sanctity of this place, their underlying vision aimed at the economic empowerment of women is simply remarkable. By providing employment opportunities to women, Parul's Gramophone contributes its bit to the upliftment of females in society. Through a variety of interesting activities for a 'clean and safe' recreational space, they promise entertainment for all!

Music classes, recording room, workshops, indoor games & much more!

Amid a string of alluring facilities offered by Parul's Gramophone, instrumental and classical music classes for people aged over 45 forms a highlight. One can receive training for playing Dholak, Guitar, Harmonium and a list of other instruments too! The storehouse of captivations also houses a recording studio equipped with the latest recording and mixing devices, where one can explore his/her desires in the field of music.

In addition to this, Parul's Gramophone also conducts workshops for women enabling them to face interviews, public speaking and anchoring. Claiming to turn one's dreams into reality, the organisation offers a stage for presenting one's innate talents. Besides, this place also encapsulates a reading area where one can find umpteen engaging publications coupled with some fascinating indoor games.

Knock Knock

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An experience that encompasses great grubs coupled with a fresh ambience, Parul's Gramophone offers an environment that is not easy to find! If you are already gripped by their aura, check their Facebook page by clicking here!

Story inputs by: Avantika Singh

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