​A fandom fantasy, The Fancave in Lucknow is the newest hideout for all the geeks in town!
Outlook Doodle for Knocksense Lucknow

​A fandom fantasy, The Fancave in Lucknow is the newest hideout for all the geeks in town!

Let's dive into the comic world, shall we?

While there is no endgame to the Marvel vs DC debate, there is an all-new cafe( read hideout) in Lucknow that's bringing together all the fandoms and geeks in town. From a galaxy far far away. The Fancave is a multiverse paradox that is converging MCU, DC, Star Wars and Friends, and it's all you need to fan your obsession for the fiction world in complete animation. So if you identify as a fan of extreme proportion, who is deep into the super-hero fandom we have only one thing to tell you, "Avengers, Assemble!"

Your portal into the comic world!

In a quaint setting, away from the bustles of the city and the evil traffic, The Fancave in Lucknow is a Super-Fandom theme cafe and its peppy brightness is unlike anything you've ever seen before. From collectibles, bobbleheads and limited edition art prints on the walls, The Fancave can be best described as Doctor Strange's portal into the world of all things comics. (Can you hear the superhero music playing in the background already?)

Outlook Doodle for Knocksense Lucknow

And while you're hooked to what we like to call the Superhero Wall of Fame, the brick lines interiors and plush green-red lounge chairs at base zero, you couldn't BE any prepared to see what's on the first-floor landing. A world of magnificence, nostalgia and gags, you enter the realms of FRIENDS and yes! It's got the signature Central Perk couch (Duh! They are not noobs) So if all you have ever wanted is to chill in the middle of the day on a Thursday afternoon in that iconic setting. The Fancave will be there for you....

The Town's Mightiest Menu

Outlook Doodle for Knocksense Lucknow

Tweaking the iconic Marvel quote, "There is only one who is all-powerful, and his greatest weapon is food", The Fancave has curated the Town's Mightiest Menu, with Super-Hero grade dishes to feed your gluttony. Designed tastefully by ex-ITC chefs, this array takes you round the world and beyond with its magical flavours and your appetite Excelsior!

The menu looks like a hardbound comic book and real fans would know that it is from the first-ever edition of a Marvel comic that also presents a paraphrased forward by creator Stan Lee. Hey, wait! Don't fill yourself already with their attention to detail for there's plenty on the menu that's concocted specially for that.

The food rave at The Fancave is a refreshing ride with the sparkle of Green Goblin and trust us, there is nothing malicious about it. Besides, there is also a cool aid Watermelon Mojito which is garnished with mint leaves from The Fancave Kitchen Garden. Yes, you got that right! Most of the ingredients used here are prepped from scratch at the hideout base, including their sundried tomatoes from the garden or their loaves of bread, burger buns and even the Mexican corn nachos.

But before we start getting distracted by all that's on the menu, we need to talk about Fancave's Hot Chocolate. A signature drink, this drink is a sip of indulgence concocted with a shot of Belgian chocolate to whip up a flavour so authentic that it is irresistible.

Up for grabs is their special hand-pulled & stretched pizzas, made from gourmet cheese or their Tony Stark Cheese Burger which is a super-hit among kids. You can also try their Dukkah Chicken if you're in the mood for a Mediterranean mania or try their addicting Monica's Mac and Cheese!

Let's move to the Darth Slice

It's yet another whole new universe as you move towards their dessert section. From tall cakes whipped in milk-based cream to generous servings of Nutella on your waffles and pancakes - this portion of your meal is sinfully good.

When here, let your sugar-exotica begin with Cap's Home Made Banoffee Pie and go on to include Aunt May's Creme Brulee, Rachel's Mixed Berry Trife (relax, it does not have beef), a heavenly serving of Berrilicious pancakes and even the Naked Nutella Waffles.

Knock Knock

To quote Tony Stark, "Heroes are made by the path they choose, not the powers they are graced with", there couldn't BE any path in the town to lead you to a fandom hideout that celebrates your power to live in a fantasy world! Turn over the leaf of your comic books as you make your way to Lucknow's real superhero realm, amidst a sketch-like ambience and scrumptious food!

Location: Naubasta, Lucknow

Timings: 12 noon - 10 PM

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