A guide to Lucknow’s heart, Hazratganj: For our first love ‘food’ and ALL of your daily needs!

A guide to Lucknow’s heart, Hazratganj: For our first love ‘food’ and ALL of your daily needs!

Prerona Lisah Mukherjee

Situated at the heart of Lucknow, Hazratganj is one of the most significant places here. This spot is the ultimate hub of lifestyle stores, restros and bars and diverse markets and shops for you to wander along while basking in the vibes of Lakhnavi tehzeeb and shaan!

 A guide to Lucknow’s heart, Hazratganj: For our first love ‘food’ and ALL of your daily needs!

If you’re here at Rover’s, which serves the best chicken frankies in town btw, just cross the chauraha and you’ll find yourself looking straight at the heart of the city- Hazratganj, in its glorious chaos! With the Hazratganj metro services, the connectivity of this place is a breeze too.

We explored Lucknow like never before- we took up the role of a wanderer, a traveller and not merely a citizen who passes these roads occasionally. So here’s a guide to Ganj which will assist you to find your way around and we also have the best recommendations for you to choose from!

 A guide to Lucknow’s heart, Hazratganj: For our first love ‘food’ and ALL of your daily needs!

Fashion Brands

like Puma, Calcutta in Style, Biba, Levis, Reebok, Reliance Trends, Vero Moda (upcoming), Fab India and so on, are the prominent fashion brands you’ll find here. Be it a gaudy ethnic wear for a shaadi or economical formals for an important meeting, Ganj has it all.

If you’re a desi haggler, we’ve got you covered too! Delve deep in to the markets of resale and wholesales with your bargaining capabilities and if you’re looking for cheap daily wear, Ganj is a treasure-box!

Keep on walking on the CCD footapth, cross Sahu Cinema and then step in to the closely hemmed galis of Love-Lane and Prince Market for steal deals! You’ll not be disappointed if your closet needs fresh inclusions within a budget. Footwear, clothing or fashion accessories- you name it and Ganj has got it.


of any kind or maybe a service you require for your gadgets, there’s no better place than Hazratganj for you to visit! We have the famous Unicorn Store here which is just beside Royal Sky restro and it is the solution for all your problems related to Apple products.

For any kind of gadget issues, to purchase any new device or just to indulge in phone covers, come straight to Janpath Market or Naza Market! Here, the stores have skilled professionals who will fix your issues right away and guide you to make the best purchase decisions!

For your palate

Lucknow offers the best of Awadhi cuisine obviously but when it comes to food in general, this city offers you global options right at its heart! In the mood for Chinese delicacies? Head over to the sensational Jone Hing Chinese Restaurant which is located right opposite of the Hanuman Mandir. Looking for places to quench your thirst? Do it the best way possible- head over to Chhedi Lal Shakes which is situated on the opposite side of Sahu Cinemas and order the freshly churned refreshments! Ganj also boasts of a Keventers outlet so if you’re craving for fancy thick shakes, this is where you should be! Try out the cold and rich milk-badam shake at Chaudhary’s too, which is snuggled opposite to the St.Joseph’s Cathedral.

Catching up with your pals for a quick evening sesh of gossip and chai? Sharma ji ki Chai is the old-time shizz- head over here to chill over bundh-makhhan-sutta with friends! If you’re looking for halka fulka food, just head over to Marksmen and nosh down their Chinese and South Indian delicacies. Light on the pockets, a delight for your palate and heavy with memories.

If you’re craving chatapata chaats during an evening stroll, walk straight towards Royal Cafe for their hearty Basket Chaat, dripping with dahi and spices! While you’re here, arrange a meet and greet session with Chhotu Bhaiyya, who is the life of this place- take a selfie too because he loves ‘em! If you’re looking for offbeat options and are done with cliches, try out dahi vadas at Jain Chat or head over to King of Chat to relish the best of street-food options.

If you’re looking for fine dine options for a dinner date or fam-jam catch-ups, you can visit The Terrace for an ultimate buffet experience. Royal Sky and Curry Leaf are good options too if you’re around Ganj during dinner time.

Hardayal Maurya a.k.a. Chhotu Bhaiyya!
Hardayal Maurya a.k.a. Chhotu Bhaiyya!

Also, while you’re here

do visit the Kashmir Govt. Arts Emporium if you want to own vibrantly aesthetic handmade fashion accessories, home decor or stationery! Outside the gates, you’ll find Md. Fazil Khan- a tailor who specializes in sewing and stitching pashmina and has been at the same spot for the past 40 years!

 A guide to Lucknow’s heart, Hazratganj: For our first love ‘food’ and ALL of your daily needs!

If you’re a stationery hoarder or a bibliophile like us, do visit the Universal Book Store which has been an integral part of the city. This store even has a cart-pulley machine which helps to shift the books from the racks. How cool is that?!

BTW, if you’re a true Lakhnavi bibliophile, you must be aware about the super cute uncle who sells books on the footpath near Universal. His name is M. Baig and now because of the metro work, he has shifted towards Love-Lane. Pay him a visit and buy a book for old’ times sake, pretty please!

M. Baig uncle- super charming!
M. Baig uncle- super charming!

Have you all ever noticed that no matter which brand it is, every store sign boards are actually painted black and white? There aren’t any colourful boards because the Govt. wanted to showcase vintage vibes of the city through Ganj- weird flex but okay.

Exploring Ganj like travellers has made us realize that there’s a world beyond the cliches which people attach to this spot and it is an exemplary example of how diverse Ganj actually is.