A note to all our valuable followers and readers in Lucknow!

A note to all our valuable followers and readers in Lucknow!

Hi from Knocksense!

We hope you’re enjoying us as much as we are enjoying your support and appreciation. Knocksense is almost three years old (we will be fully 3 on 20th April) and we would like to invite you to the most thrilling news of 2019!

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First of all, we absolutely love our readers and we would like to give something back to you for the immense support you’ve shown us and what better time to give away than during the Valentine’s week. For the month of love, Knocksense brings you “Drink & Dine this Valentine’s” food fest.

As soon as February comes we hear things like, “Bhai is mahine nahi”, “Arrey Feb mein Kharcha bohot hai!”

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With Valentine’s comes the immense pressure of doing something special for the one you love and more often than not this pressure ends with us turning broke.

We understand that Valentine’s week does not mean that you’ve hit a jackpot, or win the treasure map to wonderland, which is why we are bringing you love birds amazing deals, offers and date option that wouldn’t bankrupt you. Our partner restaurants are offering special deals ONLY for Knocksense readers and we want you to make the most of it!

Kyunki Pyar khatam nahi hoga par paise ho jaenge!

And if you think it ends here, you can’t be more wrong.

Every single day we come across simple life questions like, “Kya khaana hai?”, “Aajkahaanchalein” and “Aajkya order karein” and the constant worry of blowing our entire life-savings on food.

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Worry no more! Our new app with “Dinesense” membership will answer all your questions thus making your life much-much simpler. Unlike the existing food and delivery apps, Dinesense offers you simplistic and practical solutions to dining out or “A sensible way to dine” as our ideology goes.

With the app you’ll have the option to chat directly with the restaurant, ask for discounts and book tables. Say for example you want to go to a place with a large group, you can simply open the app and ask the restaurant if they’ll be willing to give you a discount. Easy Right?

Lucknow, we are going to change the way you dine forever, so stay tuned to Knocksense for more updates.

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