Planning to ring wedding bells in April-May? The Oasis in Lucknow is your ideal venue!

Planning to ring wedding bells in April-May? The Oasis in Lucknow is your ideal venue!

Designed to fit all that fascinates you, wedding packages for April and May here start at ₹5 lakhs!

While Cupid-hit hearts may strike the chord of marriage at any time, a wedding venue is definitely a tough deal to crack! But if you're in Lucknow, then you're nothing less than fortunate because The Oasis on Sitapur-Hardoi Link road promises you a kick-ass wedding, topped with a slew of extravagant arrangements, even if it's a last-minute plan. Encircling opulent interiors and excellent services, this rich and ravishing marriage destination is offering a range of customized wedding packages for April and May, starting at ₹5 lakhs!

Get yourself an exotic wedding at an economical price!

Weddings are assuredly a source of unsurpassable joy and indelible memories but what truly amplifies the celebrations, is a pocket-friendly set-up for all the merrymaking. Hitting the target spot, the 5 lakh wedding package crafted by The Oasis aggregates all marriage essentials, right within your means.

Including the decked-up wedding venue with a 12×16 ft stage with backdrop, selfie point, mandap, cocktail counter, dazzling light and groovy music coupled with a sumptuous food menu for 250 individuals, this package offers an easy ride on all roads that meander through a magical marriage! Additionally, you get 2 fully furnished luxurious villas encapsulated in the same package for a plush stay during the wedding festivities. If your weddings remain incomplete without endless rock and disco, you can book a DJ and dance floor at a cost of ₹15,000.

Set your wedding straight in a Bollywood film!

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If you are a Bollywood buff who is about to ring nuptial bells in Lucknow, The Oasis can surely scale up your big day and make it the perfect one! With expansive green spaces symbolising a perfect fusion of comfort and royalty, this place guarantees you a dreamy destination wedding, right in your home city. Complementing its essence of diverse and unique vibes, the location provides three different event spaces and you can set your memorable moments in what you find the best!

With a small and cute ballroom, a sprawling and exquisite banquet lawn and a sparkling swimming pool, The Oasis has something for all your yearnings, delivering highly on your expectations. While a wedding in April or May brings a clamour of multiple concerns, all of them get covered once you find your way to The Oasis. Be it a grand celebration or a closely-knit affair with your loved friends and relatives, this place can undoubtedly satiate your all desires for the ideal wedding you have always craved for!

Standing true to its name, this location is actually the oasis you need, in a desert of confounding options. Given its picturesque environs and mystifying appeal, the frames you capture here ought to be unforgettable!

So here's what we are saying-

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"Hum ek baar jeete hai, ek baar marte hai, shaadi bhi ek baar hoti hai... aur pyar ek baar hi hota hai", said Shahrukh Khan in Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai and we simply cannot get over it! If you have dreamt of your wedding every time you heard this, make sure that this once in a lifetime event happens at an equally exceptional place like The Oasis. So if you are hearing about an upcoming wedding in your family or friends circle, recommend this place and you will be thanked forever!

For further queries contact: 0522-7118991, 9839126699, 7574828514

Location: Shalimar Garden Bay, Hardoi-Sitapur Link Road

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