AC bus service from Lucknow to Nepal to start soon

AC bus service from Lucknow to Nepal to start soon

The service will provide low-cost comfortable international travel to passengers

The Uttar Pradesh State Road and Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) will soon be running an AC bus service between Lucknow and Nepal. The preparations for this service are already underway. After obtaining the permit from the state government for running the bus, they have sent it to the Nepalese authorities via the Indian Embassy for counter signage. The service is set to begin as soon as the countersign is received, which is expected to be in the first fortnight of January itself.

Bus category, route already decided

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It has been decided that the buses used for this service will be of the Janrath AC 2-by-3 category. This will provide an affordable and comfortable international travel option for those looking to go on a vacation. Moreover, the route has also been determined. The bus will be travelling between Lucknow and Nepalganj, via Behraich and Rupaidiha.

Old Bus Service on hold

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A similar bus service between the two nations had started about two-and-a-half years ago that used to run from Lucknow to Janakpuri. The service was very popular initially but lost momentum once the pandemic hit. Eventually, it was put on hold because of the lack of passenger availability and is yet to be resumed. Hopefully, as the pandemic recedes and the new service picks up, there will be a renewed interest in Indo-Nepalese travel and tourism.

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