Add more sweetness to your Diwali celebrations with a Delicacy Box from The Hazelnut Factory

Add more sweetness to your Diwali celebrations with a Delicacy Box from The Hazelnut Factory

This Diwali indulge in the sweetness of a new range of sweets by THF in Lucknow

The Diwali season has already got our hearts craving for those festive munchies and we've yet again traced our steps to The Hazelnut Factory to satiate those sweet-tooth cravings! Well, being the patisserie genius it is, THF has curated a brand new mithai collection, and we're all excited to try the new flavours. These sweet delights by THF, packed in new and elegant boxes make for a perfect Diwali gift for your loved ones!

THF exclusive Artisanal Collection

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One is always spoiled for choices at The Hazelnut Factory, and its new range of gourmet mithai collections has only made it more difficult to pick up a new favourite now. Labelled as the THF Delicacy Box, this selection includes the goodness of Cashew Tiramasu, Pistachio Laddoo, Crunch Orea and Pan of Nawabs, ensuring your Diwali gift stands out this year!

Curated with love and care, these assorted premium options are also available in a singular packaging, so you can get a WHOLE box of just your favourite mithai!

As evident from the name, each delight fuses authenticity with creativity, blending the nuance of unique and nutty flavours to our ol' favourites. What is up for grabs is a whole new delicacy - a harmony of decadent ingredients, which you would have never tried before!

You can also opt for the heir star seller, THF Signature Laddoo Box which consists of French Cranberry Laddoo, White Chocolate Kaju Laddoo, Mango Chocolate Kaju Laddoo and the ultimate Chocolate Hazelnut Kaju Laddoo. And guess what?! You can always mix and match the various delights on offer and customise your personal gift, just the way you want it!

Knock Knock

With other mithai boxes, gift hampers, dry fruit packaging, chocolate boxes, baskets and much more on offer, be sure, THF has got every trick up its sleeves to make sure you have a happy and sweet Diwali! You can also pre-book your orders and call for bulk-prodcutions now and avoid hassles later.

The THF has now become a part and parcel of our gifting options, no matter the occasion and rest assured, their expertise won't let you down!

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