Add zest to your Saturday night as DJ Lemon leads the partaayy scenes at Lucknow's Bigg Daddy!

Add zest to your Saturday night as DJ Lemon leads the partaayy scenes at Lucknow's Bigg Daddy!

Get your groove on this weekend & avail free shots!

This week is drawing near to a close and if your phone is already buzzin' with messages like "What scenes on Saturday?", then keep reading.

One of our staple chill hubs in Lucknow, Bigg Daddy has time and again looped in a plethora of prominent artistes to its premises and this weekend too, it is gonna be no different. Bringing in the expertise of his decade long career to the music deck at Bigg Daddy, DJ Lemon will be making sure to jazz up our night with his zesty high octane playlist! Wanna be a part of the crowd? We've got the deets covered exclusively for y'all.

Put on your dancing shoes & pull up at Daddy!

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On the 20th of March, 8 PM onwards, Bigg Daddy's dance floor will be hosting y'all while DJ Lemon teases the console alongside DJ Mysterious to make your hair flip and toes turn! Be it with bae or your squad, you can just get your reservations done prior to the event and come over for a night of drunken revelry and great freakin' music.

Hold up, who's DJ Lemon tho?

If you've been living under a rock or aren't a big fan of Hindi remixes, then this name might not be familiar to you. So before you shoulder DJ Lemon with the task of turning your Saturday to SaturYAYY, you'd definitely want to know a lil' about him right? Then let us do the honours!

Hailing from Pune, DJ Lemon is widely famous for his super hit love mixes and till now, he has more than 8 'Love Redefined' albums to his credit, earning him the title of 'Love Guru' by his followers across the globe. He has performed at the hottest events in the country and beyond and shared stages with other acclaimed entertainers while also bagging several awards!

Although Bollywood music is Lemon's genre, he excels in other categories too, like hip hop, deep house, EDM and so on. With more than half a million followers on social media platforms, DJ Lemon has performed across various timezones and his next destination is going to be Lucknow. Excited much?! We know you are.

So what we're saying is-

If you've reached this part of the article, then this is your cue to start chalking plans for Saturday because once missed, this night is never gonna be back! So get your groove on this weekend as DJ Lemon keeps you shakin' and twistin' with his music and trust us, it's gonna be one of those nights where you'll be shouting "ONCEEE MOREEEE, once more".

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