Advanced 'drone survey' to help monitor drains & water clogging in Uttar Pradesh

Advanced 'drone survey' to help monitor drains & water clogging in Uttar Pradesh

The drone survey campaign will be conducted as a state-wide campaign in a mission mode

Giving a new height and perspective to the state civic cleanliness vision, the Uttar Pradesh government has decided to conduct drone survey of drains in Lucknow, Kanpur and other districts. As per reports, this aerial survey will help to easily identify sewer lines that require repair while keeping a check on the issue of water-clogging during the monsoon. Once the affected sites are marked, authorities can take due corrective action.

Modern approach to aerial survey 

The statewide campaign will be conducted on a mission mode under the authority of the Amrit Abhijat, Principal Secretary Department of Urban Development, Uttar Pradesh. Directives for the same have been channelled to Municipal Corporations of Lucknow, Aligarh, Agra, Gorakhpur, Varanasi, Prayagraj, Ghaziabad, Kanpur Nagar and Meerut to ensure proper upkeep of all major, medium and small drains. Post this, camera-fitted drones will be used to monitor their conditions, on a priority basis.

This advanced approach to an aerial survey will record the the latitudinal and longitudinal position of the concerned drains and assess their length, width and depth through photograph and videos in a prescribed format.

The files will be then sent to the Director, Urban Local Bodies Directorate, Lucknow, so that further action be taken by authorities. Reportedly, strict action will also be taken against officials who fail to repair and maintain drains and sewer lines in their areas .

The drone survey mission has been conceptualised and launched to eliminate and limit the issued of water-logging, flooding of drains and canals during monsoons, officials said. It will also help to streamline vehicular flow and prevent any traffic congestions that are a common occurrence during the rainy season, due to waterlogging on roads.

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