After a long wait, commercial run of Tejas Express to start from Lucknow on Oct 4

After a long wait, commercial run of Tejas Express to start from Lucknow on Oct 4

For a long time now, we've been hearing a lot about Tejas Express. After a long wait now, it has been revealed that Tejas Express, the first privately run train in India, will be flagged off on October 4. This will surely bring about a change in the way we travel between Lucknow and Delhi.

Lucknow to Delhi Tejas Express: What's the update?

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It seems that Tejas Express is the most awaited railway project that has been in the books for quite a while. The train is all geared up for a grand inauguration by U.P CM, Yogi Adityanath.

The first privately run train of the Indian Railways will surely make a few heads turn. With a slew of new facilities, a profusion of new meal options, revamped toilets and a better experience overall, Tejas Express is a really ambitious project. Since the train happens to be super fast, you'll get from Lucknow to Delhi in just about 6 hours, which is surely a commendable feat.

Since the trial runs were quite successful, the inaugural run should be too. The testing period surpassed all expectations; in fact, this could be a stepping stone into the future of Indian Railways.

On the same date, commercial operations of the train will begin from Delhi as well, leading to a streamlined flow of these trains from Lucknow to Delhi.

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Features of the train

The train is expected to have world class facilities that can rival any aircraft. For one, the chair car in Tejas Express has plush, wide seats that will make your journey a luxurious affair. The back of the seats have a small display that shows vital information and can play any pre-loaded movie.

Adding to that is the fact that your train ticket also lets you use the onboard wi-fi, which is especially beneficial if you're low on mobile data.

The best part is that you'll be given high quality meals to feast on while you travel across scenic views. This is certainly a great addition to the facilities that Tejas Express offers to commuters.

One complaint that almost everyone has with Indian Railways trains is that the washrooms are mostly in a pathetic state. Tejas Express keeps a check on that as well, with the new modular bio toilets which ensure that the waste is properly disposed off.

Apart from that, Tejas Express also checks all the boxes when it comes to general convenience.

Knock Knock

Since Tejas Express is bringing a whole new dimension to the aspect of railway travel, we can safely say that it will up the ante for other trains as well. The facilities and provisions on the privately run train are world class and are a stepping stone to a sophisticated future of Indian Railways.

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