After topping India's pollution charts on Friday, Lucknow's AQI drops to 207 today!

After topping India's pollution charts on Friday, Lucknow's AQI drops to 207 today!

Lucknow ranked as the most polluted city of India yesterday with sky high AQI of 346.

Lucknow witnessed a drastic improvement in its AQI today, after being titled has the most polluted Indian city yesterday. With an AQI of 346 Lucknow recorded 'hazardous' air quality yesterday, way poor-er than that of Noida and Delhi, which are infamous for recording higher ranks in the national pollution charts. On Thursday too, Lucknow's AQI rose to 375 units, surging past Noida's 165 and Delhi's 168.

Lucknow witnesses sharp contrast in AQI

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Lucknow records a notable plunge in the units of air pollutions by reporting an improved 207 AQI on Saturday in comparison to the national-high 346 on Friday. As per the records of the Central Pollution Control Board, Lucknow was labelled as the most polluted city on Friday, which spelled horror for the overall health index of the city in the backdrop of a respiratory global pandemic.

These surging numbers were pinned to the dropping mercury and rising fog- consequent smog in the city. Several bonfires along the roads and outside night shelters are further contributing to the city's air pollution index. Besides them, vehicular, and fuel emissions along with increased construction work post the lockdown are also pegged as major pollution sources.

Friday's AQI raised alarms in Uttar Pradesh, as three of its cities made it to the top five of most polluted Indian cities list. In a shocking rise of air pollution, Varanasi and Kanpur followed Lucknow's footsteps, ranking at the 2nd and 3rd rank in the national charts, with AQI 330 and 318 respectively.

Knock Knock

All people are requested to take precautionary measures to prevent the development of any respiratory problem amid the raging coronavirus pandemic. We urge all our readers to get a PUC certificate for their vehicles to curb the rising levels of pollutants and SPMs in the air, which contribute to the development of the hazardous smog. Face masks have become an absolute necessity and we appeal to everybody to not be ignorant about it.

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