Agarwal Jewels & Gems in Bhootnath, Lucknow, is giving away gift vouchers worth ₹30,000

Agarwal Jewels & Gems in Bhootnath, Lucknow, is giving away gift vouchers worth ₹30,000

Today, jewellery is considered as an integral component of style and fashion for all and consumers have become more demanding in terms of jewellery customization. Perhaps the best part about jewellery is that it compliments the wearer while flaunting their natural style. Whether you’re donning a custom designed ring or a traditional chura on your big day, the chosen trinkets reflects your real self!

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So to provide us with our desired pieces while keeping up with the ever-changing styles and preferences, we have a store in town which is going to be your next go-to-place this upcoming Akshay Tritiya!

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located at Lucknow’s famous Bhootnath Market, is taking over the fine jewellery market, by keeping our choices in mind while not packing a punch in our pockets!

Their collection boasts of sterling silver, hallmarked gold, certified diamonds, platinum and rose-gold too, with a focus on kundan jewellery. They also have a stock of extensive collectibles of antique valuables and if you’re looking for jewellery for your temple, here is where you can find it!

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If you're looking for gifting options as well, Agarwal Jewels & Gems is the place where you'll find the ultimate varieties of silver bracelets, affordable rose-gold watches and lab certified diamond rings, starting at ₹8,000 ONLY! Right from heavy pieces to light-weight fancy accessories, Agarwal Jewels & Gems has something for everyone- be it a wedding gift to a spouse or maybe a token of remembrance on a special day.

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What’s the offer?

If you shop from here on the auspicious occasion of Akshay Tritiya (7th of May), you can actually get access to a gift voucher worth ₹30,000- no, we’re not kidding!

They also a have monthly 11+1 scheme, where you have to pay an amount of your choice for 11 months and on the 12th month, they’ll fill it up on your behalf. You can then use this saved cash to buy jewelry further! This plans clearly leads you to the path of smart investments!

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A melange of antique north Indian patterns with ongoing fashion swings, Agarwal Jewels & Gems boasts of a plethora of unique craftsmanship. Their subtle and classy collection leaves no stone unturned to make people fall in love with pieces of jewellery, which speaks volumes about the high artisanship they possess!

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Jewellery isn’t just about flattering a gold or a diamond piece with an outfit- it is about channelling the inner royalty like no other. Though jewellery is considered as a sign of luxury but on a personal note, these are really symbols of nostalgia wanting to be stored as precious memories!

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Location: UGF-2, Jain Palace, Bhoothnath Market, Subhash Marg, Lucknow

Timings: 11:30am - 8:45pm (Wednesdays are off)

Contact: +91 9628665511

*Valet parking will be available soon*

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