Ahoy, foodies! Rang Chokha in Lucknow is here with quirky fusion food & we're all for it

Ahoy, foodies! Rang Chokha in Lucknow is here with quirky fusion food & we're all for it

Naman Naik, the owner of Rang Chokha, talks about the start of the brand & the ever-evolving consumers.

All hail a frrresh hang-out spot for all the foodies in town — Rang Chokha that serves mouth-watering dishes with an 'anokha swaad'!

A recent hit at numerous food fests in Lucknow, we're especially excited to introduce this place to you that stands for diversification in food. From modernised dosas and idlis to varied momos, Rang Chokha in Lucknow is offering food that is unique but more and more appreciated by the current audience.

Traditional food + modern twist

Naman Naik, the founder and owner of Rang Chokha, strongly believes in the diversification of food. "We wanna give quality fusion food to our Lucknow customers — food that will have a distinct taste," he shared the brand's vision.

Also a wedding planner, Naik started Rang Chokha in a Noida mall in 2018 but shifted to Lucknow (good for us, really!) due to COVID interrupting the business. Naik, thus, wants to associate his food with entertainment and events and has many future plans brewing. For starters, he wants to see the growth of the brand to a level where it has Indian, Moroccan, Continental food and more.

"Lucknow is showing an impressive growth in terms of the food palette and since the food of the city is unmatched till date, we want to give people what they want — traditional food with a modern twist," Naik expressed.

People are exploring more and more food options and fusion food is immensely popular, he added.

Have you tried the 'anokha food' yet?

When we asked Naik about the different menus Rang Chokha puts up at fests like the Flea Affair and La Binge Fiesta, as compared to the menu at the restaurant, he truthfully put,

"Lucknow audience is loyal to the food and brand and we want to win their trust which is why we have go-to snack options at fests that people will try and, hopefully, come back for more."

Rang Chokha is known for its distinct taste, which is due to facts like they make their own spices, and so on. They're successfully making the city get a taste of aberrant momos like Mushroom Momos, Sauce pe toss momos, and Momos Chaat (yep, a fusion of the best), and we're all for it!

Some of their most appreciated USP dishes include Jini Dosas and Cheese burst dosas (sounds delicious, doesn't it?), Pizza+Sandwich Uttapam, Kanchipuram Idlis (or Chatni Powder Idli, for that matter), Cheese peri-peri twisters, Chicken Rara and Murg+Lebanese Tikkas. And believe us, these are just the must-tries!

Do explore their Tornado Twisters and thank us later!

They also offer luscious Iced Golas. That's right, our sweet-tooth gang, Rang Chokha is brilliant in making from a Kala Khatta Gola, Mango Pineappale Gola to a Malai Gola!

Located near the Indira Nagar metro station, the place is easily accessible and open for you!

Where: C-1175, Church Rd, Block C, Indira Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226016

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