AKTU's X-Ray COVID diagnosis tested by KGMU in Lucknow, detects the virus in less than a second

AKTU's X-Ray COVID diagnosis tested by KGMU in Lucknow, detects the virus in less than a second

This test can quickly detect the internal symptoms of COVID-19, giving results in less than a second.

In order to facilitate easier detection of the COVID-19 virus, the expert officials of AKTU have developed an X-Ray diagnostic test, which has been put to trials by KGMU. Recognised for its precision and efficiency, the innovative method of diagnosis has garnered appreciation from across the globe. At the low cost of an X-Ray, the test can quickly detect the internal symptoms of COVID-19, giving results in less than a second.

The innovative method makes it to the 'ScienceDirect' publication

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As per reports, the innovative method of testing was incepted by the researchers at the APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University which was tested for the accuracy of its results at the King Geroge Medical College in Lucknow. Driven by a computer algorithm, the test attempts to find the presence of COVID-19 through the various parameters in chest X-Rays. Giving the right results 99.98% of the time, the test has revolutionised the system of COVID diagnosis making it to the renowned 'ScienceDirect' publication of Elsevier.

Reportedly, around 17 researchers from the two universities worked on the production of the testing system through the X-Ray scans received from 50 medical centres in India and 14 foreign nations. After the successful processing of the first trials in May, the Chief Minister approved the test for analysing random X-Rays from across the state. In the trials conducted on the X-Rays from hospitals in Australia, China, Germany, Iran, Israel, Italy, US and others, the method showed significant efficacy and accuracy. The most noteworthy aspect of the test is that gives results in a fraction of a second.

Possibilities of reduced cost for COVID testing

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The latest model comes with the possibilities of being used for diagnosis of other diseases as well if certain tweaks are made and the AKTU is setting up a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence laboratory for the same. While the usual RT & PCR tests for COVID-19 cost over ₹ 2000, an X-Ray at the fee of ₹ 100 has become capable of detecting the novel virus. Additionally, the test can help in interpreting details of the X-Ray which can be can not be observed by the Radiologists. With its multiple benefits, the test, developed in Lucknow, would surely revamp the COVID diagnosis system in the country.

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