All-in-one party place Rabatt Gambit in Lucknow invites all for live music scenes every day!

All-in-one party place Rabatt Gambit in Lucknow invites all for live music scenes every day!

Experience the ultimate fusion of luxury, entertainment and exhilaration at Rabatt Gambit - Air Lounge and Club.

Looking for a fine bar, an air lounge, a club or a rooftop party area? What if we tell you that there's a place in town that offers it all under one roof?

A unique concept, Rabatt Gambit in Lucknow, that lies on four different floors, is an all-in-one party place. With its central location near Shaheed Path, the place is one that'll help you let your hair down and how!

With live music every evening, insane DJ scenes, unparalleled atmosphere, accommodating settings and more, Rabatt Gambit is one of the hottest party places in town, a must-visit club, restaurant and air lounge. Rabatt Gambit, or RaGa, comes with a hatke ambience and vibe when it comes to your larger-than-life celebrations!

Year-long music, poppin' parties, insane DJ scenes & more at RaGa

Now, if you're wondering what the name entails... let us explain it to you — while 'rabatt' means 'discount' in German, gambit implies gambling and it fits well because the all-in-one lounge offers PERMANENT discounts to its customers.

You heard that right. There are new, upgraded offers running year-long, and pretty innovative in approach, we might add. For instance, currently you can engage in the 'grab your money' deal. Like the name suggests, you can literally grab some money jumbled in a box. Whatever amount that makes after it is counted, you get exactly that sum reduced from your main bill! Pretty cool, eh?

With quirky quotes encouraging you to go all out and all-year-round live music, the place is perfect for your dancing outings! Established in 2021, RaGa continues to host different musicians and bands on different days, making for a great platform for rising local talent too!

The DJ floor here invokes the dancer in you and proffers a floor to shed away all your worries and dance into the night. Besides, the 365-days live music only augments your outings!

With various seating arrangements in its embrace, starting from the rooftop, club area, fine-dine restaurant, hookah lounge with a resplendent bar and more, RaGa offers an accommodating capacity of 70-80 people on each floor!

Hence, the place is perfect for your lavish parties, get-togethers, corporate affairs, cocktail events and more. Oh, and, there's even a permanent anchor to host all your parties, whilst keeping all guests entertained.

Gear up for an immersive experience at RaGa

Rest assured, if you choose RaGa for your parties, the brand will take care of the entire décor, throw in additional coupons and more. With their in-house photographer, you can also expect some great photographs and reels of yours on their page.

Oh, and you can also purchase their membership to enjoy unlimited benefits and offers year-long. Of course, amenities like elevators, wheel-chair facilities, valet parking and more are readily available here, too.

With decadent cuisines, delicious drinks, a crazy party vibe and spacious settings, the Rabatt Gambit invites you for an immersive experience!

Check out their Instagram page to know more.

Pricing range:

Kitty party: ₹350 per person

Fine dine: ₹500 per person

Corporate affairs: 30% discount

Location: 1, 42 F, Amar Shaheed Path, near Shaheed Chandrashekhar Azad Chowk, Vineet Khand 1, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

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