Alvida Jumma | Check out this row of traffic diversions in Old Lucknow today, April 5

Alvida Jumma | Check out this row of traffic diversions in Old Lucknow today, April 5

The alternate route system will apply till the end of the day.

Owing to the Alvida Jumma (last Friday before the end of Ramzaan) prayers today, April 5, a route diversion system has been set in place in Lucknow. The alternate routes will apply till the end of the day.

Check out the following fleet of traffic diversions:

-No vehicles, coming from Sitapur Road from Daliganj Railway Crossing Tiraha, will be allowed to move towards the pucca bridge (Mound Mosque). In lieu, the traffic will turn left from the Daliganj Railway Crossing Overbridge and take intersection no 8 Niralanagar towards IT intersection.

-Victoria Street will not acommodate any vehicles on the last Jumma. Those going towards Asifi Imambara and Tila Wali Masjid will be diverted. Apart from worshippers offering prayers, no one will be able use the Shahmina Road.

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-Normal traffic from Khadra Side Tiraha will also not be allowed to ply on the pucca bridge (Mound Mosque). The vehicles will be redirected towards Bandha Road or the new bridge from the tiraha that falls before the pucca bridge.

-Separate routes will be set for the Sunni and Shia communities. Only the Shia community would be allowed to ply on Victoria Street. The Sunni community from areas like Jhwani Tola, Akbari Gate, among others, can reach Tila Wali Masjid by taking a left from Shahmina Road and Chhatta Wale Bridge. The Sunni community from Bazaarkhala area could use this route and will be diverted from the Mayfair Tiraha towards Akbari Gate.

-People of the Sunni community going to Hussainabad will go from Thakurganj to Chowk via Hardoi Road.

-Vehicles from Shahmina Tiraha going to pakka pul will be redirected via Medical College or Daliganj Bridge, IT.

-General vehicles arriving from Hardoi Road and Balaganj going towards Bade Imambara and Tila Wali Masjid will be redirected to Koneshwar Temple intersection via Right Chowk intersection, Medical College intersection.

-Normal traffic from Koneshwar intersection going towards Bada Imambara or Tila Wali Masjid via Ghantaghar will have to take Koneshwar Mandir intersection to Chowk intersection, Medical Cross (Kamala Nehru), Shahmina Tiraha or Neembu Park (Rumi Gate Chowki) intersection.

-Vehicles coming from Neembu Park (Rumigate Chowki) intersection going towards towards Bada Imambara and Tila Wali Masjid, will move from Koneshwar intersection or take the new bridge behind Neembu Park. The traffic that will be moving from Neembu Park Overbridge will not be allowed to go to Rumi Gate and will be diverted via Chowk Square, Thakurganj or Charak Square.

-Traffic from the Chowk Tirahe will not be allowed to move towards Neembu Park (Rumi Gate Chowki) intersection, instead will have to move via the Koneshwar intersection or Medical Cross (Kamala Nehru). Wheras, traffic from Medical Cross (Kamala Nehru) intersection coming towards Neembu Park intersection via Phoolmandi, Khun-Khun Ji Girls College, will have to take the Medical College intersection or Chowk, Koneshwar intersections.

You can contact the toll-free number 9454405155 for any kind of aid or emergency related to the diversions.

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