Lucknow, Kanpur & other UP districts to now ensure 24x7 availability of ambulance services

Lucknow, Kanpur & other UP districts to now ensure 24x7 availability of ambulance services

Directives have also been issued to improve the response time of ambulances in UP

In a bid to improve the medical infrastructure in Uttar Pradesh, all districts here will now have to ensure a 24x7 availability of the ambulance services. The directive has been issued to ensure an improved medical ferry system in the state ahead of the expectant rise of the 'third wave' of coronavirus. As per reports, relative orders to hasten the response time of these services have also be rolled out accordingly.

Ambulance service to be equipped with first aid for COVID children

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In a COVID evaluation meeting on Friday, the Chief Minister directed all district magistrates to keep a constant watch on all medical arrangements, including ambulance services, in wake of the present-day sensitive health situation. He also stated that "Strict action will be taken against the guilty if any incident of sudden death due to unavailability of ambulance takes place. Under no circumstances, patient or their families should suffer."

These vehicles are required to be equipped with the necessary life-saving equipment for the treatment of the patients. As per experts, the third wave rise will increase the virus incidence in children, which also requires the ambulance gear to be made in a way that it fulfils the requirements of children too.

All instruments must be put to use to provide the children with the required first-aid, in case of urgency or a critical case, till they reach the hospital. Besides, emphasis has also been laid on the need to train the ambulance staff so that they adopt an empathetic approach towards the family of the COVID patient.

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