From dates to workout regimes, Lucknow's Marine Drive is part & parcel of our routines!

From dates to workout regimes, Lucknow's Marine Drive is part & parcel of our routines!

The visiting hours are marked from 11 AM to 9 PM, so plan your break accordingly.

Remember watching 'The Notebook' and thinking how people find such peaceful and romantic spots to go for a walk? Here, in the city, we can't have 10 minutes without the noise of the traffic drowning our voices and making it an awkward date of saying "Kyaaaaa?" the whole time! Even when with friends or family, we sometimes need a place that will let us be under the open skies and talk out loud, sans digital means. So your search for a spot that will enable you to go on morning walks with your parents to evening walks with a sweetheart they don't know about, surely ends at Lucknow's Marine Drive.

"Marine Drive chalein?"

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A site that takes you places without having to spend a penny on expensive food and space, the well-loved MD is located in the Gomti Nagar area and is a haven for youngsters and oldies alike! Millennials are especially fond of MD as it acts as an expanse that gives them the liberty to move around or chill with their squad at almost no cost.

When here, do remember to soak in the views of the sunset or sunrise, hog at food joints near 1090 Chauraha for a foodgasmic street food experience and definitely pay River Front a visit, for your much-needed me-time!

River Front, a moonlit beauty!

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Seated in the vicinity of Marine Drive and shining bright on a moonlit night, River Front is a place where you can breeze through, in order to take a break from your mall and cafe hopping spree. Boasting of pretty dawns and sundowns for you to feast your eyes on, River Front is an idyllic filming spot too, be it for youngsters with DSLRs or big-budget movies!

Knock Knock

Since Lucknow experiences extreme temperatures, summer afternoons at Marine Drive can be difficult. But early mornings and evenings can be really pleasant, depending upon the weather and season! The visiting hours are marked from 11 AM to 9 PM, so stroll through this beauteous locale with your buddies or alone, in order to take a quick break with your gloves, masks and sanitisers for sure.

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