Amity Lucknow's annual college fest Amiphoria 2022 ends on a musical note

Amity Lucknow's annual college fest Amiphoria 2022 ends on a musical note

A flurry of 38 events, from music, dance, sports & elocution leave Lucknow awaiting for the next season of Amiphoria!

Amity University Lucknow Campuses's cultural annual festival, Amiphoria 2022 wrapped up March 4 on a musical note and high energy. An extravagant 2-day show, this 'Celebrating Zindagi' edition brought a flurry of excitement and enthusiasm to the Amity grounds and beyond with its programmes and events! And if you missed out on this enthralling fest or just want to revisit its crazy fun, check out Knocksense exclusive Amiphoria 2022 glimpses right here-

In the spotlight: Amiphoria 2022

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Lucknow was washed in the vibrance of Amiphoria on March 3 and 4, with non-stop-fun, frolic and a whole lot of happy vibes! During this span, the Amity University hosted about 38 events, ranging from dance, music, elocution, sports and a lot more to bring in multiple college students from across Uttar Pradesh, on a mega stage here. The entire festival was designed in a never-seen-before hybrid format, curated by all 17 institutions under the AULC Banner.

Amiphoria 2022 brought events like Brain Wizard, Rest on Board, Amity Idol, which not only pulled at our competitive streak but also the inner cheerleader, when on the sidelines. A celebration of talent, skill and the thrill of being in the spotlight, Amiphoria by Amity Lucknow also set up the ground for competitions Klectica, Corporate Nama, Question Everything and many more! The fest, though a rush of activity, ended on a calming musical note, with a show-stopping performance by Shaurya Saxena.

Amiphoria 2022, a success!

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A mega-showcase of talent, management skills, creativity and innovation, Amiphoria was a grand success, said Professor Dr Manju Agarwal, Chairperson Amiphoria 2022 and Dean Student Welfare at AULC. "Organising Amiphoria after pandemic much-awaited and at the same time, very challenging. Until February, we had restrictions related to gatherings, and events. Still, the spirit was palpable that students, faculty and staff came together with a single ambition to organise whatever we could."

With virtually no time to arrange for a fest, sponsors and an event of this scale, Amiphoria got face-to-face interactions rolling between students and faculty after about 2 years and that was a victory in itself, she added. And with destiny on our side, all restrictions eased gradually and the fun, fair and jest of Amiphoria could not be stopped!

Priyanshu AP, Head Student Team, Amiphoria 2022 echoed the thought and said, "Didn't think this fest would be so big, so banging, so good. The fest exceeded everyone's expectations and mine too. I'm so grateful to get the chance to head this fest, I got such a good team who provided me back support and became my strength and made this Amiphoria memorable and enjoyable even without DJ. The overall response of so good, well-done team!"

Knock Knock

While Amiphoria 2022 has come to an end, its euphoria is yet to subside in Lucknow. And with the town's folks are caught in its good-vibes-only festivities, even we can't wait for the next season of Amiphoria to light up Lucknow, once again!

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