Lucknow's centuries-old Amir-ud-Daula Public Library is a place of worship for bibliophiles!

Lucknow's centuries-old Amir-ud-Daula Public Library is a place of worship for bibliophiles!

This library is said to host a collection of more than two lakh books in several languages, including Persian and Sanskrit.

For all those who ardently abide by Jorge Luis Borges quote- "I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library", a visit to Lucknow's Amir-ud-Daula Public Library is a must! Famed as one of the oldest libraries in the city, it was constructed in the 19th century and despite several relocations, this library has kept its unique charms intact. So if biblosmia is your weakness and you have an eye for old-world charms preserved in placid places, then make your way to this library, whenever in the locale!

Revisit the literature of yore

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From being a part of the Provincial Museum in 1882 to its foundation stone being laid down by Sir Harcourt Butler in 1921, this library has a long history of different locations. In between these years, it found a home at the upper storey of the Lal Baradari in 1907 and at the Chota Chattar Manzil in 1910, before it was finally moved to its current location in 1921.

Opened to student readers in 1887, this library is believed to be named after Mohammad Amir Hasan Khan, who also held the title of Amir-ud-Daula. This library was gifted to the Government of the United Provinces by the Taluqdars of Awadh and in 1947, their association transferred some land in front of the library for the construction of a park.

Home to over 2 lakh books written in more than 5 languages, the Amir-ud-Daula Public Library has one of the rarest collection of books. In a bid to save these antiquated manuscripts from entering into oblivion, the creation of a digital archive was initiated by the local administration in 2019.

Knock Knock

The Amir-ud-Daula Public Library is every bibliophile's delight, who wishes to traverse to vintage worlds through books, architecture and more. Let loose the book hogger in you as you shuffle through the book racks of this centuries-old library and don't forget to carry a pen and paper to note down your favourite finds here!

Opening Hours: 10 AM to 7 PM

Days: Open all days except Tuesdays

Location: Qaiserbagh

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