Amity University invites all shutterbugs out there to get 'Colour of Uttar Pradesh 2.0' rolling!

Amity University invites all shutterbugs out there to get 'Colour of Uttar Pradesh 2.0' rolling!

The second edition of the Amity University annual photography competition & this time it is more than just capturing stills

They say a photograph is a return ticket to a moment otherwise lost but if you've been wanting to get a golden ticket to your dreams this is your moment! Dear camera enthusiasts, Amity University in Lucknow has announced the second edition of its annual photography event open and all you need to do is capture the vibrant hues of 'Colours of Uttar Pradesh' to get on the expression express. Be it a frame or a moving film, this is your time to script your story and focus on the details below:

'Tis time to film away

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Colours of Uttar Pradesh by Amity University is setting the stage for a 'Colours of Uttar Pradesh 2.0' and it is all about how you see the world, in still or moving pictures. Participants have the liberty to use their camera however they please and submit photographs or vlogs to creatively express and showcase their talent.

While the event is specifically targeted at students in UP, there is no specification required to enter the event. Young photographers, amateurs or even those who consider themselves pros, are all allowed to take part in this digital event, at a zero registration fee. Candidates have to upload a single entry for the event, along with relevant school/college ID cards to ensure their valid entry into the competition.

Capture these essential guidelines too!

So here's the real deal - what's in it for you to put your best snap forward? Once you're in the competition you stand the chance to present your work before eminent photographers and industry pioneers, including photojournalists. You of course get an E-certificate to mark your participation in the state-level event. And hey! there are also cash prizes for winners of different categories.

Well now that the stakes are high, make sure to follow all the guidelines of the event as listed below:

  • No watermark is allowed on the photograph and videos
  • Organisers will reserve the rights to the photographs and vlogs
  • Registration and Participation will be through online mode only
  • The decision of the jury will be final

Knock Knock

[youtube caption="Winners l Colours of Uttar Pradesh l Online Photography Competition" site_id=20074994 photo_credit="" expand=1] Winners l Colours of Uttar Pradesh l Online Photography Competition

Still here? 'Tis time to dust off the camera lenses, set the ISO right and let your exposures film a vivacious story, shutterbugs! Hurry up, the last day to submit your entry is April 30, 2022. Until then, keep filing!

To register, visit www.amity.edulucknow/coup

Contact +91 8175982412 or write to for further details

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