Amity University's annual fest Amiphoria is back & this year it's all about 'Celebrating Zindagi'

Amity University's annual fest Amiphoria is back & this year it's all about 'Celebrating Zindagi'

A 2-day annual fest by Amity University Lucknow Campus, Amiphoria 2022 will light up the town on March 3 & 4 this year!

Amity University Uttar Pradesh Lucknow Campus is running in the headlines yet again with the announcement of its annual fest Amiphoria! The 2022 edition is a slice of life, all about 'Celebrating Zindagi', and you can be a part of its enthralling euphoria on March 3 and 4 this year. Well, word has it that Amiphoria is gonna level up its predecessors with a never-before extravagance and if you want to soak in its limelight too, check out the deets below:

For an electric, energy-packed event

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The Amity Family has sent out an invitation to all the educational institutes and top colleges from the regions to bring in a ton of high energy and enthusiasm to the annual fest Amiphoria 2022. Dubbed in an electric atmosphere, camaraderie and competitive spirit, 'Celebrating Life' aims to symbolise togetherness and happiness on the 40 acres, state-of-the-art campus!

Amiphoria has always been a brand platform and its splendour is gonna set to hit off the charts, this year! With a larger than life theme, the festival is pulling in top-rung sponsors to put on a stunning show to bring the best of experience, exposure and excitement for students. From cultural events to entertainment shows and a whole lot of fun, AULC envisions setting the stage for power-pack programmes and events that are sure to get your heart pumping.

'Tis time to rule the stage!

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Featuring a plethora of gala events, from music to art, literary programmes and quizzes, this fest has it all! Be it the flagship Hunar Munch the open mic competition, melody mania Amity Idol' to newer events, like Hasya Kavi Sammelan and Shark Tank, Ampihoria 2022 is no leaving no stones unturned to discover, nurture and celebrate Lucknow's raw talent.

To add on to the rave, mega dance and music shows, competitions related to modern gizmos and technology along with innovations for Environment and Social issues will round up the event, where students have the chance to bring laurels to their colleges along with exciting cash prizes!

Knock Knock

But that's not all, the 2-day show has a lot in store and something special for each and all. So if you want to make the most of your days, hop aboard the Amiphoria Express and let the fun begin.

Knocksense is associated with Amiphoria as the Outreach Partner this year and you can keep an eye on this space for more fest updates. Well, if you can't keep calm, check out the website here now!

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