An elegant oasis of self-care, Lucknow's newest Marie Claire Paris is now at our favourite party hub

An elegant oasis of self-care, Lucknow's newest Marie Claire Paris is now at our favourite party hub

Join the grand opening ceremony today (4 pm onwards) as Summit gets its first salon — Marie Claire Paris.

Lucknow, it’s time to get acquainted with a brand new venture in town — a posh salon taking care of all our wellness needs — Marie Claire Paris.

Step into a world of beauty, indulgence and luxe as Marie Claire Paris, the renowned international brand, opens its doors to another fresh salon and wellness haven in the heart of Lucknow. Located at Rohtas Summit, this chic establishment promises to redefine our pampering experience.

From Paris, With Love: Grand opening of Marie Claire

As the salon gears up for a grand opening, rest assured that it will be star studded by fashion luminaries and esteemed guests. Ankush Mittal, the franchise owner, with Vandana Bhardwaj, the Director and Spokesperson of B2C Network LLP, have joined hands to introduce us to this elegant oasis of self-care. Adding to the allure of the event, Namrata Pathak will be joining as the chief guest. Moreover, while Nikita Rajput is the celebrity host, Ayush Setha, a talented violinist, will mesmerise all with melody.

Now, while we've convinced you to attend the inaugural event, let's draw our focus back to the salon's offerings. What will it have for us? If you like being treated like royalty, this place is for you!

One glance at the graceful interiors and you'll be transported to a realm of fancy, sophistication and resplendence. Along with a delightful and welcoming aura, the place is prepped to deliver to all an experience unparalleled.

Wellness enthusiasts, prep up to be adorned, revitalised and pampered at Marie Claire Paris!

But what is Marie Claire, you ask? An eponymous international magazine, Marie Claire was first published in 1937 in France. It engulfed a range of women's issues, health, beauty and fashion. The Marie Claire Paris name expands its brand and wings to numerous fashion and beauty verticals worldwide.

This enchantment extends to its salons across the globe that proffer rejuvenating treatments, body therapies that deliver absolute relaxation, various shower rooms with water softeners (ion exchange) and exclusive wedding packages that ensure you radiate on your special day. Besides, the salon will offer general yet premium beauty services of hair, nails, skin, makeup and more.

Oh, and, avail an inaugural discount of FLAT 30% on all services. You can also get reflexology (worth ₹500) FREE with other services! Check out their cost-effective membership cards and economical gift vouchers on numerous offerings to save big!

So, why wait? Lucknowites, prep up to be adorned, revitalised and pampered as Marie Claire Paris Salon is here to redefine beauty, one indulgence at a time!

Location: 1st floor, Summit Building, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar

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