Another breezy hang out place incoming! Plans underway to build new riverfront in Lucknow

Another breezy hang out place incoming! Plans underway to build new riverfront in Lucknow

The proposed riverfront, which will come up alongside the Haider canal, will stretch across an area of 1,500-metre.

The Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) is planning to construct another riverfront in Lucknow. This proposed riverfront will stretch across an area of 1,500 meters alongside Haider canal, featuring a lush green landscape garden on the area which is currently filled with thickets and overgrown bushes.

Tenders will be floated after the local body elections

The empty stretch alongside the Haider canal between DGP's bungalow and the Golf club, which runs parallel to Lucknow's Lohia Path has been earmarked as the area where the new riverfront will be built. As for the budget, the State Housing Department has approved a total of ₹ 24.32 crore for the project.

It is noteworthy that the said project was initially proposed back in 2016 but couldn't proceed any further due to lack of funds. This time around, with the budget already being approved, the new Lucknow riverfront is expected to become a reality sooner rather than later.

What will the new Lucknow riverfront feature? 

To attract visitors to the new riverfront park, LDA has decided on a slew of attractions. For instance, the park will feature a 1500 meter jogging track, which will be four meter wide. Coming up around 20-25 feet below Lohia Path, the riverfront will also feature aromatic climbers like sweet pea, star jasmine and honeysuckle.

An amphi-theatre with a capacity of 200 people, a children's playing area, sitting decks and green mounds among other attractions will be available at the new riverfront in Lucknow.

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