Apollomedics Super Speciality Hospital opens in Lucknow!

Apollomedics Super Speciality Hospital opens in Lucknow!

Lucknow is growing at a very fast pace, be it public transport, city development or even health, this is a city with ever improving facilities in all fields. To this list of developmental programs, a new 330-bed super speciality Apollo hospital was added on February 24. The hospital was inaugurated by President Ram Nath Kovind.

The super speciality hospital claims to have 330 beds out of which 110 will be used for people in critical conditions. The aim of the hospital is to provide world class healthcare to those in need. The hospital has a team of highly skilled doctors who specialize in over 30 fields.

The hospital will also specialize in critical care and 24x7 trauma care. The authorities have dedicated 110 of the 330 beds for this purpose. The hospital will be spread over a 3,50,000 square feet area and will provide quaternary care across 10 centres of excellence with more than 30 specialities spearheaded by internationally trained doctors.

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The hospital will provide quality care services with round the clock diagnostics, curative, preventive and rehabilitative care across different fields. This will be done through the Centres of Excellence in Cardiac Sciences, Oncology, Neuro Sciences, Gastro Sciences, Orthopaedics and Gynaecology among others.

Since the hospital is centrally located in Lucknow, it can easily be accessed by the people. The super specialists in various fields will ensure proper treatment and care of the patients. They have also said that people from various cities will come to visit the hospital owing to the multitude of facilities they provide.

Apollo is a well known medical chain in India and across the globe. They have treated patients from over 140 countries and have gained unfaltering trust from their patients. This is the 72nd hospital by the chain and since it is a super speciality hospital, they aim to boost the healthcare infrastructure not only in Lucknow but in all of Uttar Pradesh.

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