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THIS art expo at Hazratganj Metro Station in Lucknow will let you dive into an ocean of colours!

The art exhibition at Hazratganj Metro Station in Lucknow is an ode to love for colours.

Ushering a splash of vibrant colours in Lucknow, an enthralling art exhibition was inaugurated at the Hazratganj Metro Station in the city on Monday. Marking its collaboration with Lucknow Metro, 'Artembryo' has brought together an enticing collection of artworks under a single roof, all set to enamour you till the 8th of September. So if you have been waiting to explore something new and lively, the animated aesthetics of 'Raftar Rango Ki' art fair, will uplift your mood in a jiffy!

Offering a kaleidoscope view of traditions of art & culture!

This festival of art was inaugurated amid the esteemed presence of UPMRC's Managing Director, Kumar Keshav, Radio Mirchi's RJ Prateek and Prof. Shyam Verma. Displaying work of nearly 32 artists, the expo is offering you a peek into the culture of arts and crafts, that is famed across the state and the nation.

Open for visitors from 11 AM to 9 PM, the three-day exhibition promises a blissful rendezvous with a blossoming bouquet of artworks. Further, the joys of your heart ought to be multiplied as the exhibits at the centre are available for purchase and you can take them back home. Believe us or not, the charm of the paintings will assuredly make you fetch your purses here!

Artembryo's venture to encourage budding artists!

Started with the joint efforts of Mohit Achra, Karan Kumar and Mitali Singh, Artembryo aims to promote young and amateur artists. Through this expo, they have aggregated a panorama of vivid shades across a range of art styles including Oil Painting, Pastel Painting, Acrylic Painting, Digital Painting, Ink Wash Painting and Literati Painting. Besides, you will be avowed by the finesse and technique of pencil artworks, Chinese Black Ink Paintings, Hot Wax Painting and Spray Painting!

Speaking to Knocksense, Mohit Achra said, "We chose the metro station to attract visitors. In the future, we are planning to conduct more exhibitions of this kind in Lucknow. Our objective is to provide a platform to amateur artists so that they can show their talent to the world at large."

Knock Knock

If you do not wish to lose out on an illuminated landscape of luring shades, you must plan a visit soon. Captivating and delightful, the multitude of artistic tones at this site will help you break the monotony of life!

Schedule: 6th-8th September

Timings: 11 AM-9 PM

Location: Hazratganj Metro Station

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