Arti Devi makes Lucknow proud, qualifies Khelo India Games

Termed as Lucknow's own 'Hima Das' by a leading publication, Arti dreams to represent India on a global level

Khelo India games are currently underway in Guwahati, Assam. One of the biggest youth athletic events in the country, Khelo India is an initiative that is encouraging young people to be more active by taking part in national level athletic competitions.

College and school students from around the country participate in the event, competing for their state and their city. One such athlete, a resident of Lucknow and a humble farmer's daughter, Arti Devi, has brought laurels to the city after qualifying at the Khelo India games.

What's the update?

Arti Devi, an athlete and student of Lucknow University, put a feather in Lucknow's cap after she qualified for the Khelo India scholarship. Provided to a handful of athletes, Khelo India Youth Games is a national scholarship program, which aims to promote sports in India.

According to a report by TOI, Arti aims to represent India at a global level and become Lucknow's very own,'Hima Das'. With a humble background, a farmer father and 2 other siblings, Arti Devi has an inspiring story of how simple brilliance and sheer hard work can win you accolades and recognition.

The Khelo India games are currently underway in Guwahati, Assam and will be closed this Wednesday.

Uttar Pradesh has won total of 73 medals with 23 Gold, 24 Silver and 26 Bronze. UP is currently on the fourth spot, preceded by Delhi which has has a total count of 101 medals, 30 Gold, 31 Silver and 40 Bronze.

While Maharashtra is currently in the lead with a total of 196 medals, 62 of which are gold, preceded by Haryana (137 Total, 46 Gold), Delhi (101 Total, 30 Gold) and UP (73 Total, 23 Gold).

Knock Knock

Arti Devi has become one of the top sprinters in the country. Her hard work, dedication and humble background reinforces the message that no matter who you are and where you come from, a strong will and passion will always make your dream come true. Arti Devi is a Lucknowite, we're fiercely proud of.

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