Artisans from Lucknow & other districts to participate in UP Mati Kala Board exhibition

Around 30 such stalls will be set up to exhibit a wide range of clay products

During the Diwali season, the sale of items made of clay usually surge and sellers do make a substantial profit from it. So keeping in sight the oncoming festivity, the first-ever exhibition organised by the UP Mati Kala Board will be held in Lucknow from the 4th of November till the 13th. Here at this exhibition-cum-sale, artisans from different districts of the state, like Azamgarh, Lucknow, Gorakhpur, Varanasi and so on, will display their clay wares. Here you will also find clay idols of Laxmi-Ganesh and other unique home decor articles. The Mati Kala Board was established back in July, 2018.

Artisans trained by professionals from National Institute of Fashion Design

These idols will be made through standardised moulds which will ensure uniform size and shape. Around 30 such stalls will be set up for the sale of a wide range of clay products. Besides machine-made diyas, terracotta products, decorative items, toys and vessels, 'nariya' and 'thapua' (used for making roof) made of clay, will also be up for grabs.

This venture is designed towards making local products reach their desired customer base and also so that domestic markets can gain a foothold again. The state government has also assisted the enrolled artists to prepare standardised moulds for artisans who have been making clay products. Further, artisans have also been trained in the use of moulds for better results.

The Mati Kala Board will be bearing the expenses of boarding and lodging for the artisans for 10 days and they will not be charged for the stalls. The range of products will include terracotta- Gorakhpur, black pottery- Azamgarh, earthen cooker- Khurja, and other clay products from Agra, Lucknow, Mirzapur, Azamgarh, Chandauli, Unnao, Ballia, Kanpur, Pilibhit, Allahabad, Varanasi, Ayodhya, and Banda.

As per a statement by a government spokesman, "This is the first time that the Board is trying its hand in marketing. The aim is branding and promotion of the board as well as artisans." The officials will check for the response of the visitors and if it is a success, then the board may set up a permanent exhibit area for clay products in the city to support artisans.

Additional Chief Secretary, UP Khadi and Village Industries Board, mentioned that under the guidance of the CM, the Mati Kala Board is trying to increase and improve the production capacity and make them competitive in the market. He further added that to bring the best of the products, the artists were also connected with the professionals and the National Institute of Fashion Design (NIFD) for training purposes.

With inputs from IANS

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