Fresh meals to boost nutrition levels in children of Uttar Pradesh's Anganwadi centres

Adding to the regular stock, the kitchens of Angawadis would be facilitated with a constant supply of milk powder, curd and ghee.

Women and child welfare have been a priority for the Uttar Pradesh government for a long time. As per a recent announcement, Uttar Pradesh is now about to witness another significant initiative for the kids in Anganwadi centres. The state government's new project aims to serve fresh and instantly cooked meals for the children in these centres. This step comes with an objective to improve the levels of nutrition and health amongst the children.

Supply of milk powder, curd and ghee to be added to regular stocks

Adding to the regular stock of cereals like rice, wheat flour and pluses, the kitchens of Angawadis would be facilitated with a constant supply of milk powder, curd and ghee under the latest initiative. While the mid-day meal project has been functional in the state for a long time, this new intervention would be implemented parallelly.

The government officers informed that the stock of additional items shall be delivered to the Child Development and Nutrition Department at an interval of four months. As per the information available currently, the finances for the bearing the cost of the new project would be transferred to the joint account of the manager of Self-Help Group and the Anganwadi worker in charge of the operations at the centre. The food, under this scheme, shall be cooked by the same person who is responsible for the mid-day meals.

Scheme to be implemented for kids aged 3 to 6, at Anganwadi centres

A representative from the government informed that the CM has instructed the Child Development and Nutrition Department to undertake all provisions that ensure fresh and hot meals for kids, aged 3 to 6. This new venture would be conducive to health and nutritional development of 20 to 25 children enrolled at each centre.

While 1.89 lakh Anganwadi centres are being re-opened, the state government has asked the authorities to make sure that all COVID-related safety guidelines are followed. In addition to providing foundational education for kids, the centres also run aid and awareness programs for young girls, expecting mothers and women with young kids.

The development of children is assuredly the backbone of any progressing society. When the government proactively implements such measures, the future of kids would definitely blossom.

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