At the Knocksense Food Festival, Mocha is making an offer YOU CANNOT REFUSE!

At the Knocksense Food Festival, Mocha is making an offer YOU CANNOT REFUSE!

Knocksense Food Festival is creating buzz around the town and amidst the lovely chaos of V-week, we have roped in the best places in Lucknow, where you can relish a day with your SO!

Mocha is one of those places where every Lucknowiite can find something or the other for their appetite and Instagram!

This joint is known for the varied culinary experiences it brings in the cafe culture- 14 outlets in 12 cities says a lot about this chain!

The interiors here are amazing, the beautiful stone floor, simple and understated beige of the walls and furniture, mixed with the electric blue from the décor and the armchairs, make the place a perfect mix of warm and cool tones.

We’re all aware of the Mocha culture in our city and this place has a crazy deal for the couples on behalf of V-Day, powered by Knocksense and it is an offer you cannot refuse!

[rebelmouse-image 22608490 original_size="480x270" expand=1]

What's the crayyy offer?

Take your date out and just pay ₹249 for 2 glasses of wine! Complement your drinks with a diverse range of sumptuous food from their menu and relish this time with your Valentine.

[rebelmouse-image 22608492 original_size="636x404" expand=1]

So this V-Day, we’ve got your back- From 11th till the 14th of February, you can avail the offers here! Download the Knocksense app from Play Store to unlock this opportunity.

Location: 1/09, Shaheed Path, Viram Khand 1, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

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