The new year isn't really 'new' anymore. Time's flying at warp speed and behold, it's almost February end! But even at this rushing pace, we can't lose out on having a good time, right?!

Lucknow understands exactly that; so to keep the party going and have us rollin', there are a plethora of events which you can be a part of for the remaining of February. So we've compiled a list of 4 events happening here in Lucknow, starting today and it's gonna set the mood for March like no other.

AT.MOS 2.0 Carnival of Dreams

Our weekend has never looked any better and no, it ain't an exaggeration for the 'Viz-ard' fans! Ritviz is coming to Lucknow on the 23rd of February at Carlton Hotel, all thanks to the Carnival of Dreams and we wouldn't miss it for the world. The 'carnival' will commence 11 AM onwards and to keep Viz company, they're also bringing in DJ SickFlip from Mumbai and DJ Nash Jr. as well, amidst other prominents DJs. So we hope your tickets are booked for this upcoming epic Sunday evening because it's gonna be all about great music coupled with wild wilddd fun!

Gainfully Employed by Punit Pania

If you've been meaning to catch up on stand-up shows, Lucknow is offering us quite a few of 'em this month. Quipster Punit Pania is coming to perform at Bombay Remix on the 28th of February and if you wanna catch him up-close, be here by 8 PM. This funnyman is worth all the hype and he'll be offering you an hour or so, of an elaborate detox session filled with jokes, confessions and witty insights of his life. Go through Punit's YouTube uploads to know him better and you'll be tempted to join in right away.

Jass Manak Live at The Flying Saucer Cafe

If you're a true-blue desi, we bet you've straightened up your backs and your eyes have just lit up reading this! Yes, Jass Manak, the man behind super-hits like prada, Lehenga, Suit Punjabi, Viah, is coming to Lucknow next week. You can dance to his tunes at the The Flying Saucer Cafe, 8 PM onwards and it's gonna be one of those Friyay nights, which'll sit comfortably in your mind's happy-memory pocket. Book your tickets for this performance and watch the night roll with your friends around.

Pratyush Chaubey Live

Pratyush Chaubey is known for his very desi humour, which makes him relatable AF. His style of dialogue delivery is simple yet will have you snorting with laughter! Just after Pania's show, Chaubey will be gracing Bombay Remix on the 29th of February and if you're coming over, be here by 7 PM. Pratyush has always managed to make us laugh with his quips, whenever we needed a few slaps of humour in our lives and missing out on this, would be a loss indeed! Check out his YouTube videos to know him better and we bet, you'd be getting your tix right away.

Knock Knock

Now that we've listed these 4 events in Lucknow for your fix of entertainment, pick any or just go for 'em all! So get textin' and callin' because the city has come up with varieties of options for you and we're sure, you'll need your gang by your side for the true fun to begin.

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Refusals, hesitation and an ill-functioning CO-WIN app reasons behind the low participation

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