Lucknowites, get your pets registered now and avoid hefty penalty later!

Lucknowites, get your pets registered now and avoid hefty penalty later!

The Lucknow Nagar Nigam has marked Spetember 30 as the deadline of registration

Lucknow Municipal Corporation's drive against unregistered dogs in the city, has begun and if you haven't got your pet registered yet, its time to hurry up. With a new deadline, pets owners now have time till the 30th September to get their fur-buddies registered by the civic body. If the pet-owners fail to do so, their pets will not only be taken away by the LMC Squad but a heavy fine will also be levied on owners for the release of dogs, as punishment for not following civic orders.

License to keep Pet Dogs in Lucknow

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The LMC has already started a drive against the citizens who were notified for registering but failed to do so. The body has detained about 15 dogs in the last two days in Lucknow to set a tone of finality and warning among pet owners in the city. Setting September 30 deadline for registering the pet dogs, the LMC has further come with a distinct annual registration fee for various dogs based on their breeds; ₹500 for bigger breeds like Doberman and Labrador, ₹300 for the small ones such as Pomeranian or Spitz and ₹200 for other local breeds.

As many as 3400 dogs were registered with the city municipal authority last year and this year, due to the raging coronavirus pandemic, the process got stalled till September beginning. Lucknow Municipal Corporation has constituted several teams for the eight zones in the city to survey, detain and arrest the unregistered pets in the city.

Knock Knock

While the dog catching drives should be directed towards the unhygienic and sick strays of the city, the LMC has decided to focus and target the pet dogs too, this time. So to avoid unnecessary hassle, all pet owners in Lucknow are requested to get their fluffy friends registered with promptness at the LMC. Pet veterinary doctors can also issue the authentication certificates.

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