Lucknow's new cloud kitchen, ‘Awadh Tales’ is cooking a royal feast & yours is just an order away

Lucknow's new cloud kitchen, ‘Awadh Tales’ is cooking a royal feast & yours is just an order away

Get select recipes from the times of Nawabs delivered to your doorsteps now!

If you like a meal that is lavish, authentic and is cooked in the raqabdaari dum-style, then Awadh Tales in Lucknow must be your pick. Bringing in selected recipes from the times of Nawabs, this cloud kitchen is here to give you a royal experience, in the comfort of your homes. So if you want to indulge in a rather delectable food affair that will make you feel like royalty, no matter who you are, Awadh Tales is what you should be exploring next.

Indulge in the genuine flavours of Awadhi cuisine

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A meal that is cooked in leisure is a meal savoured with pleasure and the Awadh Tales in Lucknow simply lives by this mantra. In the contemporary era of fast food options, this ghost kitchen has tried its hand at retaining the original taste and styles of food preparation, so you can expect a taste like no other in the city!

The richness of Awadhi cuisine lies in its nuances and variety and that's exactly what you get here - the finesse of a gourmet range. Be it the succulence of their signature Nalli Nihari, the kick of Dal Sultani or the star seller Dahi Kababs, with a side of choicest bread, this place serves it all!

Expect the delight of a multi-course meal when you take to its menu. From starters to the main course, side dishes and even desserts, such as Phirni and Shahi Tukda.

Hygiene & packaging on the Nawabi scale too!

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Awadh Tales kitchen offers you a pocket-friendly meal but that does not mean they compromise on their ingredients, taste, hygiene or packaging. The kitchen sources the freshest of ingredients to concoct your favourite dishes and while the flavours promise to entrance you, stay assured of the quality and hygiene of the place.

All packaging material used by Awadh Tales is 100% biodegradable. They are taking all measures to ensure that your food is parcelled carefully to avoid drips and leakages. All you have to do now is, pick up your phone and order away!

Knock Knock

Amidst this ongoing work-from-home situation, spending a lot of time in the kitchen often gets impossible for many. This is exactly where Awadh Tales comes to the rescue. Be it an excuse to jazz up your regular daal-chawal meal or host a magnanimous family affair, this cloud kitchen has got all bases covered. So what are you waiting for?! Order your next meal from Awadh Tales and sit back to relax to #foodoftheday!

Timing: 11 AM to Midnight

Contact: +91 7800 004 055

Available on Swiggy and Zomato

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