Awadhi delicacies of Oudh: Head to Sakhawat's in Lucknow for lazeez kebabs & nostlagia!

Awadhi delicacies of Oudh: Head to Sakhawat's in Lucknow for lazeez kebabs & nostlagia!

Did you know these facts about the age-old eatery dishing up authentic Awadhi delicacies?

Are you a true Lucknowite who admires age-old restaurants that have grown with us? Adapting to ever-changing taste palates, some of the city of Nawabs' beloved eateries have stood all tests of time.

And one such cult restaurant is Sakhawat's, popular for its uniqueness and authentic taste! Even though Sakhawat is wedged in a small place, it is the consistently flavoursome food that attracts people from afar. You will often find locals taking their NRI-return relatives to this place and for a good reason!

For special masalas in the food and unique Awadhi dishes served here, the 112-year-old place is a must-visit for every kebab lover!

A haven for delicious Awadhi delicacies: Sakhawat's

Take a few turns in Qaiserbagh, land at the famed Awadh Gym Khana and you'll find yourself in front of a boulevard-like-lane. Head here and you'll notice, nestled in the very beginning, Sakhawat's.

Established in 1911 (you read that right), the place is called 'The Heritage Shop' for a reason. The person behind the action, who is currently operating the lil eatery, belongs to the fifth generation of the Sakhawat family!

In a heart-to-heart with the owner, Faizan explained, "My great grandfather, Haji Wahid Ali, started this venture in 1911 by the name of his son 'Sakhawat'. This place used to be a garage, and belonged to the then Begum! We later converted it into a restaurant."

He continued, "I've been observing the tradition of preparing masalas in our family ever since I was a child. And have respected and continued the legacy passed on to me."

Beyond popular for their kebabs, from Pasanda (₹170 for half plate) to Shami (₹90 for half plate), from Galawati (₹100 for half plate) to Kakori (₹100 for half plate), it is safe to say that the century-old restaurant is still ruling over hearts!

The charm of Sakhawat's that has reached far and beyond

"Our oldest customers, some of who have been associated with us for decades now, often say that the taste is the same. Wahi swaad hai, wahi bhavna hai jo hamare Dada ke samay Sakhwat restaurant me thi," he explained proudly, inducing goose-bumps in the onlookers.

He continued, "We offer original Awadhi food — from Boti Kebab, Tawa Chaap, Mutton-Bhuna Ghost, Desi Murga Biryani to Khatti Machli and Kashmiri Kofte — that you will find nowhere else."

"Besides, you can never make the current generations happy! They don't like anything. But, thank heavens, we also get a lot of young customers who love our non-vegetarian food," the response preceded a few giggles.

Did you know?

Did you know that Fridays here are special as Sakhawat's indulges in a designated 'fish day'? Whether it is flavour-oozing Fish Kebabs you'd like to try or Desi Murge ka Chiken Khara, this day sees herds of foodies in the restaurant's embrace.

Inexpensive and heavenly for its food, Sakhawat's is a must-visit for every food enthusiast who is a fan of Lucknow's authentic delicacies!

Awadhi delicacies of Oudh: Head to Sakhawat's in Lucknow for lazeez kebabs & nostlagia!
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