AYUSH doctors to aid in the treatment of COVID patients in Lucknow & other UP districts!

AYUSH doctors to aid in the treatment of COVID patients in Lucknow & other UP districts!

Team of AYUSH, Unani & Homeopathy doctors will be constituted at each district.

Attempting to supplement the medical facilities in the state, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has urged all Ayush doctors to join the team of healthcare workers involved in the treatment of COVID patients. Through an online conference with trained Ayush practitioners on Thursday evening, the CM asked them to participate in strengthening the battle against the pandemic. It has been said that they would function in synergy with the district authorities and the Integrated Command Control.

Team of AYUSH, Unani & Homeopathy doctors to be formed at each district

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Besides providing the needed medical aid and treatment to COVID patients, the doctors would also help in spreading awareness about the right ways of prevention and control. "There are currently 2.52 lakh people in home isolation and doctors of Ayush, homoeopathy and Unani should be given access to them to give them consultation. The Ayush department should distribute kadha in every home," the Chief Minister stated.

The CM has also instructed officials to constitute a team of Ayush, Homeopathy and Unani doctors in each district and this team will help the patients in getting the correct medical advice. Additionally, this team of experts will also be available for telephonic consultations and COVID patients will be given simple suggestions for effective cure.

Yoga & Pranayam, the key essentials for improving immunity levels

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The Chief Minister stressed the fact that the archaic methods from traditional health systems are not only found to be more valuable but also provide easy accessibility. "We must extend the benefits of these to the most number of people through the monitoring committees which have been set up to keep a watch on those in home isolation and reach out to such persons," the CM asserted. The administration had introduced an 'Ayush Kawach' app in 2020 which will be put to considerable use now.

He added that yoga can be highly beneficial towards enhancing immunity and maintaining sound health. The Ayush doctors should also focus their efforts on educating the masses about the advantages of regular yoga practice. Subsequently, the people will be encouraged to inculcate habits of yoga and pranayam in their daily routine and lifestyle.

- With Inputs from IANS

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