'AYUSH Kavach' app to help treat home-isolated COVID-19 patients in Lucknow & other UP districts!

'AYUSH Kavach' app to help treat home-isolated COVID-19 patients in Lucknow & other UP districts!

New feature of the 'AYUSH Kavach' app opens avenues of easily accessible ayurvedic treatment in Lucknow & other UP districts.

The Ayush Department (Ayurveda) of Uttar Pradesh, has rolled out a new feature on the 'AYUSH Kavach App', that can aid in the treatment of home-isolated COVID patients in Luckow, Kanpur and other districts in the state. The new update enables citizens to access medical treatment, available locally and easily. This mobile application is a handy tool that attempts to provide the maximum benefits of the ancient science of Ayurveda and correlated traditional health systems, that can help boost one's immunity at minimal costs. This will also revive an age-old branch of medical science, that is typical to the state.

The science of Ayurveda will now boost COVID immunity!

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The related department has prepared a pragmatic plan for the promotion of Ayurveda in the treatment of COVID-19. For this, the department has upgraded its 'AYUSH Kavach App' to include an all-new feature that recommends easily available medicinal treatments. The feature considers the comfort of people during the lockdown and even takes care of social distancing norms.

To explain the application with an example, Dr Ashok (Ayush Department) said, "Eucalyptus is widely grown and is available in abundant quantities in west Uttar Pradesh, whereas Mahua flowers are largely grown in the Bundelkhand region. The feature emphasizes educating people about the benefits and importance of the natural resources available in their respective regions and informs them about their use in developing a strong and healthy shield against the Coronavirus."

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