Independence Day fest to bring back memories of the iconic Ganj Carnival in Lucknow

Independence Day fest to bring back memories of the iconic Ganj Carnival in Lucknow

The festival will be organized from August 11 to 14

In wake of the 76th National Independence Day, an Azadi Carnival will be organized in Lucknow and will bring together the history, arts and cultures from across the country. Being held on the lines of the iconic Ganj Carnival, this event is a move to help inculcate patriotism among the citizens of Lucknow, and will be organized from August 11 to August 14.

As part of this, Hazratganj, Ashok Marg and nearby areas will be adorned with lights and attractive curios. Buildings in Ganj will be painted pink, for which the authorities as well as the traders have agreed. The Azadi Carnival will pack entertainment and food into one gala package, bringing the cumulative essence of India right here in Lucknow.

A transformative event for nationalism

This grand scale event calls for a transformation of main areas in Lucknow. During the event, all of Hazratganj will be converted into a no-traffic zone and the carnival will run from 7 pm to 11 pm. Various cultural programs will also be seen here, in addition to handicraft and food stalls.

As per Dr. Indramani Tripathi, Vice President, LDA, "there will be programs related to patriotism. For this the entire Hazratganj will be decorated. Preparations will start soon. A decision on this Azadi Carnival was taken in a meeting held at LDA last Friday, under the chairmanship of the commissioner."

Speaking of decorations, all the boards in front of the shops will be painted in the same colour and will be made in the same size for uniformity. This work will have to be done by the shopkeepers themselves and apart from this, all the buildings in Hazratganj will be adorned with tricolor lights. Preparations for the same are on in full swing, even in Ashok Marg. LDA has conveyed the rules to all the buildings on this route.

Heart of Lucknow to get a makeover

Ahead of the Carnival, Hazratganj and Ashok Marg will be thoroughly cleaned. The roads, lights will be repaired and fixed. Also, dividers and pedestrian pavements will be painted.

Excited to go Ganjing once again in a fresh and vibrant Hazratganj? We can't wait either!

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