The New Art has made Lucknow even more vibrant, with their artworks on metro station walls

"It has been a great journey so far and this is just the beginning."

If you've crossed or been anywhere near the Transport Nagar or K.D. Singh Babu Stadium metro stations here in Lucknow, we're sure that your eyes must've caught the vibrant artworks donning the walls here. These colossal and vividly hand-painted murals have definitely breathed a new lease of life in these two vicinities and all the credit goes to The New Art.

An art-startup based in Delhi, The New Art are a team of artists and designers who curate realistic murals which are truly a sight to behold and within a short period of time, they've whipped up over 300 artworks all over India. All of these art pieces done by them, are originally designed by the team, from scratch.

Turning Art into a Revolution

Started by two best friends, Ritesh and Prateek, The New Art has been in existence in Delhi since January 2018 and they've quickly gained a strong foothold in the art scenes of the country.

"Both of us were batchmates at IIT Delhi and we graduated in 2017 with a degree in B.Tech. specialising in Chemical Engineering. We had always wanted to own a startup so we tried our hands at a couple of things while we were in college. After college with our experiences combined, we took a shot at a short project at Swami Vivekanand Hostel in Satna, MP. We delivered various services to the hostel but that one thing which stood out, was a couple of wall arts which we created in the hostel hall. Our college friends, Onkar, Saurabh and Ashish had helped us in this and a few weeks later, the project got over, leaving us with brilliant results and a constant itch to do more of it."

"We've been in love with the concept of murals ever since our college days and in Delhi, you can find gorgeous wall arts at almost every nook and corner. We soon decided to give art-entrepreneurship a shot because we wholeheartedly believe that there is a lot of scope pertaining to art in India, which is yet to be unleashed. It has been a great journey so far and this is just the beginning."

Speaking of the lustrous artworks in Lucknow, they further added, "K.D. Singh Babu was a legend. He was one of the greatest hockey players in our country and it was our pleasure to make an artwork which would pay him a loving tribute.On one side of the wall, we have painted K.D. Singh Babu and on the other side, we have drawn multiple players playing various games, which shows the diversity of the games that are played at the K.D. Singh stadium."

"We also did our flagship concept, 'Wings For Women' at Transport Nagar Metro Station. We designed a sprawling Madhubani inspired wing artwork at the station which is supposed to act as a picture point for the commuters. 'Wings For Women' symbolises freedom, liberty and strength of the women population of the country and the world at large and the responses from Lucknow is simply heart-warming."

Knock Knock

Speaking of their vision, TNA told us, "We believe that 'wall art acceptance' is increasing in India and now people are much more aware about the concept- we're also witnessing the emergence of many artists simultaneously. Our vision is to make India even more colourful than it currently is and we want to do conceptual artworks all over the country, to make India the home of Wall Arts in the world, in the next 10-12 years."

The New Art also takes in interns so if you're interested in working with them, you can check out their Instagram profile.

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