Be a part of 'Colours of Uttar Pradesh' by Amity University & move the world through your stills

Be a part of 'Colours of Uttar Pradesh' by Amity University & move the world through your stills

Let your words be few and exposures many; Register now for FREE!

Every photograph has a story, a meaning and a feeling snapped into it and yours is about to get a platform through 'Colours of Uttar Pradesh' - a photography event organised by Amity University Lucknow Campus. So if you've got an unexposed film in your pocket and the will to capture a still that can move the world, this is just the place for you. Amity University invites all school and college students to be part of this digital event and carve out their own niche as budding photographers.

It's time to fire your shots!

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Amity University Lucknow Campus is calling out every young shutterbug in the town to have fun and play around with the vibrancy of our state with its online photography competition called 'Colours of Uttar Pradesh'. Photography is all about capturing the right moment and guess what photographers, this is your moment to shine in your preferred shade - with a theme that is both inclusive and engaging.

It does not matter if you're good with a camera or are have just learnt how to set the ISO right because this event is for everyone and registrations are absolutely FREE! So clean up your lenses to capture the beauty of Uttar Pradesh in a single frame and your best snap forward!

Interested participants can submit their entries till April 5, 2021. Entries received will be judged by an eminent photojournalist. Winners will not only bag some amazing cash prizes but also will get a chance to display their photos at different locations! As acknowledgement, all participants will receive an E-certificate, as well.

Knock Knock

This is your chance to paint the town with your colourful snaps. An interesting stepping stone, Colours of Lucknow, gives you an opportunity to test your skills and improve your technique, and set the 'focus' on your photography career!

Last day of submission: April 5, 2021

To register, visit www.amity.edulucknow/coup

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