Beach, spirituality, or a wildlife safari? What's your pick for the post-Holi getaway from Lucknow?

Beach, spirituality, or a wildlife safari? What's your pick for the post-Holi getaway from Lucknow?

Recharge your batteries with a quick getaway!

From 'Holi hai' to 'Holi thi yaar', time passed quickly. And if you too feel the need for a quick getaway from Lucknow to feel rejuvenated again after the crazy Holi celebration, this article is for you.

Here's a list of places that can prove to be the perfect post-Holi getaway from Lucknow, featuring sanctuaries, beaches, temples, hills & much much more!


Known as the 'Miniature Kashmir Valley', this largely overlooked hill station turns lush green in summer. Treks, panoramic views of the hills, and a slew of spiritual spots, Pithoragarh has a lot to offer for all sorts of tourists. But most of all, it makes for the perfect place to visit for some peace after your Holi celebrations.

Distance: Approx. 450 km from Lucknow


If you're up for a dose of spirituality and history after all the dancing and parties, the Khajuraho temple in the Bundelkhand region is perfect for a weekend getaway from Lucknow. Add to that the sheer intricacy and aesthetics that the walls of this UNESCO World Heritage site are adorned with and you know you'll return with a lot of Insta-worthy pictures in your gallery!

Distance: Approx. 310 km from Lucknow

Dudhwa National Park

Before we get into the thick of the summers, how about planning a quick trip to Dudhwa National Park? Especially if you consider yourself a wildlife buff, a foray into the wilderness after listening to the DJ blaring Holi songs on full volume can be that much-needed detox!

Distance: Approx. 215 km from Lucknow

Chuka Beach, Pilibhit

Built on the Sharda Sagar Dam, this beach in Pilibhit has registered a sharp increase in the number of incoming tourists. Also, Chuka beach is the perfect getaway if you want to get into that beachy summer vibe early! Take a walk in the sand and click lots of pictures under the sunny sky. And guess what? You can also book a water hut here through the forest officials.

Distance: Approx. 260 km from Lucknow


Before you think "How many more times will I visit Varanasi?", remember the ghats and the unmatched vibe this city offers! And before the weather gets too hot, why not pay a visit to India's spiritual capital? With new updates such as tent cities and ghat makeovers, Varanasi has gotten so much more appealing over the last few years!

Distance: Approx. 312 km from Lucknow

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