Beat the heat & your hunger, with THIS Khajoor Shake in Lucknow!

Beat the heat & your hunger, with THIS Khajoor Shake in Lucknow!

Explore this hidden gem in the city right away, and thank us later!

If your spirit animal is Dora The Explorer and all you ever scout for, is new places that offer lip-smacking food, refreshing drinks and everything else that would make your stomach happy, we know a place that should be on your next exploration trip in Lucknow! On our lookout for something delish that could also beat the deadly summer heat, we discovered a place you might wanna check out.

Hidden inside narrow lanes near the Mankameshwar Mandir road, Jameel fruit and juice corner is rather ordinary looking store. But before you start judging this book by its cover, order their hot-selling Khajoor Shake in Lucknow!

Nutrition-rich shake that tastes good? TAKE OUR MONEY! 

Just one sip of that thick shake is enough to know just how rich and filling the beverage is! Unlike the usual healthy food and drinks that lack taste, this nutri-rich shake is a great option for them tastebuds. One of the healthiest shakes that one can slurp on, this refreshing drink is just heavenly, to say the least!

And even though it does taste like a million dollar, it is priced at a mere ₹20 for a regular drink and ₹25 for a large serve! A summer drink this tasty and at such cool prices might sound unbelievable but we're here to pinch that disbelief away! Believe us, we had two glasses of Khajoor shake just to get over our skepticism.

Knock Knock

From filling your tummy to the T to not putting a dent on your wallet, this shake is going to help you beat the summer heat and how! To put it simply, this irresistible shake is something you have to try ASAP! Don't take our word for it, just head out to this juice shop and try it for yourself!

Price: ₹20 for regular and ₹25 for large serve

Location: Near Mankameshwar Mandir road, Daliganj

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