Beat the winter blues with the hottest & newest hangout place in Lucknow- Boombox

"Going Out" is one thing that makes us feel good after a tiring and often frustrating day. A few drinks, some out of the world food and a good laugh session with friends is akin only to therapy and there's nothing that we enjoy more than that. So, if you've been on a quest to find a place in the city that checks out all the boxes - good food, good vibe, plush interiors and great service, we have just the thing for you.

One of India's most premium resto-bars, Boombox has finally opened its doors to Lucknow! The resto-bar is here to give Lucknow a new outlook towards nightlife and you cannot miss it for the world.

A stunning view and a rad concept

Picture Credit: Hudsun & Clay

Located on the 13th floor of Summit with a gorgeous view of the city, Boombox offers so much more than just a place where you can 'hangout'. The resto-bar is the first in the city to bring the concept of a Bar Exchange (yet to launch) to the people of Lucknow and introduce the city to a new way to party!

Situated in one of the most upmarket locations of Lucknow, Boombox is a perfect spot for epicures and those looking for a new experiences.

For the coffee connoisseurs & pizza enthusiasts

Picture Credit: Hudsun & Clay

Boombox has changed the nightlife and the pub scene in cities such as Chandigarh, Gurugram and Delhi by creating a niche for itself with its choice in music, food and much else.

The coffee lovers in the city can finally take a sigh of relief, since Boombox has brought a whole new coffee experience for the city. The resto-bar has teamed up with Kaffa Cerrado and created a special blend of coffee called 'The Boombox Blend' with select Indian and Arabica beans. Roasted to bring out the deep notes and the earthy flavours, these select beans make a blend that would satiate even the staunchest of coffee connoisseurs.

Picture Credit: Hudsun & Clay

With a brick oven and a tile menu full of delicious thin crust pizzas, the different flavours such as Mediterranean Felafel, Mexican Chicken and a lot more, Boombox can give the odd pizza chains a run for their money.

All in all, the food served here is some of the best you'll find in the city. The construction, presentation and the taste of each dish can take your food experience to a whole new level of indulgence and luxury.

Music that makes you groove

Picture Credit: Hudsun & Clay

At Boombox you'll notice that the music is tastefully curated, to put a zing to your step & ensure that you're having the time of your life.

While the concept is new, at its core what Boombox stands for is just good food, great music and a stunning ambience, all of which combine to give you an experience worth remembering.

Knock Knock

Boombox is the newest resto-bar to open its doors to Lucknow and we have to say, the place has taken us by surprise. Everything here will make you want to extend your stay, find a warm corner and just sit at the bar for hours at end. Make sure to check out the place, find something good to eat, have a few drinks and while you're at it, figure out the one-of-a-kind bar-exchange concept.

Location: 13th floor, Summit, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

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