Indulge in your love for Bengali food at Novotel Lucknow's Maach Mishti & More!

Indulge in your love for Bengali food at Novotel Lucknow's Maach Mishti & More!

Maach Mishti & More by Novotel is all you need to strike an affair with the flavoursome wonders from the 'City of Joy'

There are plenty of reasons why Bengal is called the 'City of Joy', but if you ask a foodie they'll surely pin the title to its sundry cuisine. Well, one could always say that these grubs are diverse, rich and absolutely addicting too - but to be honest, it is a celebration of flavours, a symphony of spices and the joy that could only be seasoned by homely food! And if you have an appetite for all that and a little more, this piece of information will get you chasing those foodgasms, like right now!

Novotel Lucknow is hosting a vibrant Bengali Food Festival, from April 29 where you have the chance to explore the nuances of this cuisine with select offerings from this world of gastronomy, in your own city! If you're already drooling at the mere thought of this mega exuberance, quickly check out the details below:

A slice of Bengal, the spice Bengal

The Square by Novotel is bringing alive a grand 10-day Bengali Food Festival to simmer and serve an appetising experience to all the Lucknow foodies. To elaborate, this Bengali food carnival is an extravagant banquet of traditional gourmet food, that highlights the accents of indulgence coming from the eastern region of the Indian subcontinent, while celebrating its colour, craft and comfort smack.

So while you're already familiar with the dominant players of the Bengali cuisine like maach, this is fish and bhaat - which is rice, the Novotel food festival is concocting a flair of flavours from across the state, with a lavish buffet that features the lure of Shukto, Kosha Mangsho, Aar Maach-Er Kaalia, Rui Maach-Er Bhaja, Murghis Dak Bungalow, the universal favourite Mishti Doi, and a lot more!

A grand affair of all things that can wing your 'food-splore' shenanigans, the Bengali Food Festival will be complete with an exuberant Bengali vibe, with the right decor and music to level up the fun like an Eta Ekata Paraba (a feast)! So what are you waiting for? Don't simply Ekla chalo to this culinary gala, pull in your foodie gang, your family or bae as you make a bee-line to Novotel Lucknow!

When in Bengal, have bhaat!

The Novotel has buckled up to stir an absolute authentic Bengali food experience that will surely leave you wanting for more. And hey! Make sure to follow your hearty Kobji Dubiye Khaawa Daawa session here with a quintessential episode of Bhaat Ghoom to complete your Bengali food affair, like a pro!

To get going, pre-book your tables at +91 7800004058

Location: The Square, Novotel Hotel, Lucknow

Date: April 29 to May 8

Timings: 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM

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