Bengaluru Band, Parvaaz will be performing in Lucknow at Repertwahr; so get your tickets ASAP

Bengaluru Band, Parvaaz will be performing in Lucknow at Repertwahr; so get your tickets ASAP

When we talk about the independent music scenes in India, Parvaaz, a band from Bengaluru, will surely be mentioned in the conversation sooner rather than later. This 4-member band has our hearts with immensely popular songs like Colour White, Beparwah, Shaad, Dil Khush and we’ve been rooting for them to visit Lucknow again!

So if you’ve been following this band and are head-over-heels in love with their distinct melodies, we’ve got some news for y’all! Previously Parvaaz had made a debut in the city, back in 2016 at Repertwahr Festival, season 7, which was followed by a slot in season 8 too. Now they’re coming back to grace the stage of Repertwahr season 10 and we legit have goosebumps just writing about it- imagine watching them perform!

But What is Parvaaz About?

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Parvaaz reaps the benefit of an unexampled spot in Indian indie and it’s difficult to label their music under one genre! You can call it idiosyncratic or cinematic but it won’t matter because they have a song for every mood.

Their compositions are mostly etched in Hindi, Urdu and Kashmiri and Parvaaz’s songs instantly manage to both settle and unsettle you. Their tunes tug the chords in your hearts like no other and you can’t help but fall in love with ‘em!

What’s Happening?

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To fan the fervour of Urdu connoisseurs in the city, Parvaaz will be performing on the 16th of December, 9 PM onwards at SNA, Gomti Nagar! They will be the concluding act for Repertwahr Festival season 10 and honestly, we see no better way to end this fest.

Along with Parvaaz, Repertwahr will also be graced by The Local Train and the Indian Ocean so if you still haven’t booked your tickets, trust us, you’re gonna be missing out!

Knock Knock

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With each passing season, Repertwahr Festival has gotten bigger and better! Since 2009, Repertwahr Festival has been setting its own benchmarks each year, by bringing prominent names to the stage here!

So if you’re in the city or nearby, drop by at Sangeet Natak Academy, Gomti Nagar, to attend one of Lucknow’s most-awaited events, which will keep you coming back for more.

Location: Sangeet Natak Academy

Timings: December 16| 9 PM onwards

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