Best Ice Tea places in Lucknow to add to your list of favourites

Best Ice Tea places in Lucknow to add to your list of favourites

Lazy winter days with baggy sweaters and fur coats have gone by and the unforgiving summers are almost here. The days are getting sweatier and it won't be long before the scorching heat makes us long for chilled beverages.

There is no better way to cool down on a hot day than slurping a glass of icy sweet tea! From satiating our thirst to satisfying our sweet tooth, iced tea is a real savior.

So, here’s a list of our favourite places in town that serve sweet iced teas.

Planters Tea Bar and Book Cafe

Planters Tea Bar and Book Cafe is a place that celebrates tea like no other. You will not find a place that has more tea or simply ice tea options other than Planters and we can bet on it.

With almost 25 kinds of ice teas, including stellar classics like lemon ice tea and peach ice tea, Planters is a top-notch competitor when it comes to ice tea!

Homeys Cafe

If you’re craving for something different than the basic lemon ice tea, Homey’s Cafe is the place to be. The cafe serves three kinds of ice teas- Lemongrass Ice Tea, Peppermint Ice Tea and Rose Petal Ice tea and we’re a fan of all of them. Couple your ice tea with their delish finger foods and honestly, we can totally picture a lazy evening here with our homies!

The Drowning Street Cafe

A new addition to the burgeoning eateries in Lucknow, The Drowning Street Cafe in Gomti Nagar is a newbie in town! We recently went to steal a taste of the menu before the place opens on the 23rd of this month and we are already sold!

The Drowning Street, we believe is going to become our favourite ice tea spot in the city very soon. The ice tea variants at TDS are- Lemon, Strawberry, Mint, Pineapple and Green Apple. We especially love the Green Apple and Lemon Ice Teas since they are strong, fresh brewed (like all of their teas) and are beyond refreshing!

Cappuccino Blast, Mall Avenue

When it comes to anything cute, Cappuccino Blast at Lucknow’s Mall Avenue wins all hearts. Though they serve only one kind of ice tea, a classic lemon one, they do it so well that one is all we need. This ice tea is not watery and is nicely brewed and served which makes it super refreshing. We cannot have enough of it ever and if you haven’t tried this one out, go now.

Munick Bistro and Bar

Munick Bistro and Bar is one of the favourite hangout places of Lucknowites and we can’t seem to get over it. Munick is one of the best places in the city to grab a good iced tea. They serve Lemon, Peach, Berry, Guava and Mint Green Ice Tea which are oh-so-good!

We are a fan of the Berry and the Mint Green Ice Tea versions here, which have always been our go-to beverage.

Save the list, grab a chilled ice tea and thank us later!