Quench your thirst with these 5 summer special drinks in Lucknow!

Quench your thirst with these 5 summer special drinks in Lucknow!

How many of these popular summer drinks have you tried yet?

The days are getting longer and hotter by the minute and the only way to soak in the joys of summer is by holding a fruity, herby or frozen drink in both hands! When we talk about summer drinks in Lucknow, there are quite a few classic places in the city that whip out THE BEST coolers out there.

While one can slurp in the regular aam pannas, nariyal pain and bel ka sharbat on every street in the city here is a list of some refreshing summer drinks that you can enjoy at these places in Lucknow!

Kaju shake @ Chaudhary's

Seated in the Mayfair Building, Chaudhary's Shakes Snacks has become an indispensable part of the city's food space for its signature servings including shakes, ice creams and other cool drinks. While there is a long list of things you can try from here, the Kaju shake and Badam shake are a must-try!

Soda Shikanji @ Shikanji Wala

If you are a true Lucknowite, chances are you already know this place and are in love with the awesomesauce masala shikanji that this place offers! Don't be confused by the name for this Shikanji Wala serves more than just shikanjis!

When here, you can also enjoy hot beverages and snacks as well! While whatever they serve is pretty good, we stand by the Shikanjis more than anything else!

Falsa Sharbat @ Alpahar

This luscious summer drink, made from Falsa (also called phalsa) is not just your usual cooler but also has various health benefits. Full of antioxidants, this drink can easily become your secret elixir in summer! A seasonal drink, this Falsa Sharbat is only available during April and May, so head out to Alpahar and enjoy a glass full of this thanda-thanda cool-cool drink right away!

Shakes @ Chedi Lal Ramprasad Vaish

For true coffee lovers whose birthstones are coffee beans, summer is obviously no downtime for their favourite drink! And for such people in Lucknow, we have Chedi Lal Ram Prasad Vaish! This iconic joint serves delicious cold coffee that not only beats the heat but also makes sure you get your daily dose of caffeine intake. So do yourself a favour, head out to this centrally-located joint to enjoy a chilled cup of cold coffee and let it miraculously lift your mood!

Lassi @ Shree Lassi & Sons

Honestly, there's nothing better than the authentic Punjabi lassi to beat the heat, don't @ us! To enjoy the real taste and freshness of this smooth yoghurt-based refreshment in Lucknow, head out to Shree Lassi & Sons, right away. An amazing summer cooler, the creamy goodness served here is sure to bemuse your tastebuds cooling you down, one sip at a time.

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