Vibrant with Rakhi vibes, Lucknow's Bhootnath Market blossoms amid festive fervour!

Vibrant with Rakhi vibes, Lucknow's Bhootnath Market blossoms amid festive fervour!

Have you visited the market yet?

Amidst the glam and glitter of Lucknow's most frequented markets, Bhootnath Market in Indira Nagar stands decked up with the exuberance of Rakshabandhan festivities. Arraying all your Rakhi essentials at one spot, the marketplace witnessed humongous footfalls through the last week, as locals thronged for getting themselves festival-ready. A panorama of the brightest shades, the lit-up locals of Bhootnath Market are reverberating with the quintessence of the festive vibes!

Have you visited the market yet?

As one steps into the lanes of Bhootnath Market, the lustrous appeal of its environs woos one's heart away. No matter where the eyes wander, the sight shall definitely encapsulate a blissful arrangement of rakhis. From sandalwood based rakhis to those having religiously acclaimed rudraksh, the range has something for everyone! Besides, the captivating shades of red, orange, yellow, green and all bright colours, togethor with nag wali rakhi concoct an enchanting illusion.

While the festival celebrating the auspicious bond of siblings has lived through a long history of many years, modern-day revelries equally signify the relationship between sisters-in-law. Delivering on these days, a wide range of Lumba rakhis have been put to display in the market. All in all, you won't want to go back home, if you land up at the Bhootnath market!

Swarms of women flocking to the magical 'Mehendi' stalls!

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Considered as a part and parcel of Rakhi festivities, Mehendi or henna is a favourite amongst the women folks. At the Bhootnath market, the rakhi stalls have become a gravitating centre for women and the long waiting lines testify the glories of the festival. From long extensive designs that run to the elbow to short artistic patterns, the tradition is being enjoyed in a string of different ways!

Knock Knock

Starting with Rakshabandhan, the festival season ahead fuels amid a carnival of consumer products too! Given the dampening effects of the lockdown, small scale retailers suffered a lot during the pandemic. Thereby, we can contribute our bit towards boosting the national economy by choosing local markets and products or our festive shopping trails.

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