Bhukkad Panda Cafe Lucknow: Drop by this adorable eatery in Patrakarpuram for truly wholesome meals

Bhukkad Panda Cafe Lucknow: Drop by this adorable eatery in Patrakarpuram for truly wholesome meals

Head to the cafe between December 23-25 to enjoy live music evenings and grab the superb inaugural deal!

What does your heart really crave on a sluggish weekend when you are huddled indoors, binge-watching your favourite TV show? Or perhaps on a busy weekday when work is wearing you out? (worry not, stress eating really helps). At times like these, nothing works better than a good old Indian Chinese meal or maybe something juicy and piping hot, straight outta the tandoor.

In case you too are a fan of such comfort meals (which you obviously would be) and a frequent user of food delivery apps, you might be familiar with the name, Bhukkad Panda. Yep, one of the most reliable cloud kitchens of the city, serving you good food since 2016, is now coming up as a full-fledged cafe, that too in the Gomti Nagar area.

An adorable eatery with scrumptious food and a chill vibe

Opening in the city this weekend, is an adorable, pocket-friendly eatery, Bhukkad Panda, that you really should bookmark for your next hangout session!

With minimalistic, panda-themed decor and charming interiors, the Bhukkad Panda cafe is going to be an ideal spot to have a weekend sit-down with friends or to unwind solo by relishing a nice Indo-Chinese meal.

To draw a rough picture of the ambience for you, think cozy interiors, pleasantly warm lighting, soothing music and not to miss the panda-themed black and white setting, precisely fashioned with green bamboo decor (panda food, obviously) to add the eclectic touch, cute right?

Stop by for some truly wholesome & pocket-friendly meals

Whether you are a food enthusiast who loves to splurge on good food or just another broke college lad who needs a place that doesn't go hard on the pockets, Bhukkad Panda is surely gonna be the reasonable hangout stop that you have been looking for.

And did we tell you that the place is coming up near the Patrakarpuram area of Gomti Nagar? So the next time when you are done tiring yourself out after a hectic shopping schedule at Lucknow's go-to shopping hub, you can conveniently stop by this place for taking a breather and savouring on some genuinely delish food.

Bhukkad Panda Cafe to open with a bang on December 23 

With the inauguration of a great food joint, comes a great inaugural deal, and if you don't miss out on it, bookmark the dates now!

Visit Bhukkad Panda cafe anytime between December 23-25 to enjoy some genuinely wholesome delicacies and to make the most out of the deal.

Where: 4/295, Opposite Sahara plaza, Vivek Khand, Patrakarpuram

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