Birla Open Minds Preschool in Nirala Nagar: Nurturing All-Round Development in Children

Birla Open Minds Preschool in Nirala Nagar: Nurturing All-Round Development in Children

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Why must one choose a preschool meticulously? Well, because the first steps of education are vital in shaping the future of your toddler's educational foundation. The right preschool not only needs to follow a multi-dimensional curriculum, focus on bringing about behavioural changes among toddlers and sharpening their linguistic skills, but must also cater to their curiosity with utmost expertise and affection.

If you are among those who want to enrol their kids in the perfect preschool that would nurture them at its best, your woes end here! Seated in the Nirala Nagar area, Birla Open Minds Pre School is a noteworthy primary institute which focuses on inculcating valuable skills in the little ones while providing them with the freedom to begin exploring at an early age.

All in all development for your little ones!

Boasting numerous state-of-the-art facilities, this unique preschool has developed a unique learning environment which promotes holistic development to foster your tiny tots unlike any other!

With this, the preschool is run by a very efficient team of well-trained child experts, teaching and support staff. The Birla Open Minds Pre School is one such primary institute blanketed with a myriad of facilities to create an environment which ticks each column on your 'must-have' list when it comes to your toddler's education, development and exposure.

While other preschools in the city are usually huddled into confined spaces, the Birla Open Minds Pre School specifically incorporates posh, spacious and toddler-appropriate infrastructural facilities as their highlight. The preschool is nestled in an area of 10,000 sq. ft. to let your little ones grow without any bounds.

Super adorable and child-centric infrastructure

Stitched around the philosophy of making learning a funfilled, immersive and interactive experience so as to cater for the curiosity of budding learners, the Birla Open Minds Pre School is graced with the best-in-class infrastructural resources, starting from modern and airy classrooms equipped with interactive classroom facilities/smart class boards and CCTV cameras.

The super-cute resources of the preschool are tastefully fashioned for kids, with vibrant colours, doodle walls and cartoonish designs leaving even adults mesmerized by the elegance and charm.

With this, the campus is graced with a fascinating play area with child-friendly play rides, child-sized washrooms, a splash pool, an adorable animal area, a sand pit and even an amphitheatre for interactive outdoor sessions and fun-filled activities. Trust us, once you enrol your toddler here, they will feel more at home here than at their actual home!

Knock Knock

Now, especially after the post-Covid scenario, most of the pre-schools heavily rely on digital resources while giving less importance to other necessary interactive methods.

On the other hand, the Birla Open World Pre School lays enhanced emphasis on stimulating interests through highly interactive pedagogy including school outing excursions (7-8 trips annual trips included in the curriculum) and daily indoor activities, devised to provide full-fledged growth and exposure while promising the best level of safety at all times for your little ones. Also, if you want your little one to acquire a hand on experience before enrolling them directly, you can also book a special demo session.

So, why even bother to wait for giving your kid the best all-round preschool development in the town? Schedule a visit today and book a free-of-cost demo session for your toddler and avail special fee waiver!

Where: Birla Open Minds Preschool, B-74, Officer’s Colony, Nirala Nagar, Lucknow

Contact: 8400803333

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