Black fungus tagged as a "notified disease" in Lucknow & other Uttar Pradesh districts!

Black fungus tagged as a "notified disease" in Lucknow & other Uttar Pradesh districts!

169 cases of black fungus have been reported in the state while 8 patients have lost their lives.
In view of the increasing tallies of black fungus infections in the state, the Uttar Pradesh government declared black fungus as a "notified disease" on Friday. As of now, the state has witnessed a total of 169 cases of mucormycosis and 8 individuals till now, have lost their lives due to its fatal consequences. On Thursday, the Union Ministry of Health had requested states and UTs to tag black fungus or mucormycosis, as a notified disease under the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897.

Government to keep a tab on all 'black fungus' cases

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Previously, the Union Health Ministry had stated, "You are requested to make mucormycosis a notifiable disease under the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897, wherein all government and private health facilities, medical colleges will follow guidelines for screening, diagnosis, management of mucormycosis." Further, it said that black fungus is leading COVID-affected patients towards dire and fatal results.

Additionally, the central government has also instructed all states and union territories to make sure that government has a tally of black fungus suspects across government and private hospitals. Subsequently, the states of Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Gujarat and the UT of Chandigarh, have declared the disease as an epidemic. In addition to this, Telangana and Rajasthan had already accorded the epidemic status to this disease before the central administration's appeal.

According to doctors and experts, black fungus affects those suffering from diabetes or individuals with highly compromised immune systems due to HIV or cancer. Additionally, the incidence is also seen amongst COVID patients on long-term steroid administration and those who have been supported by supplemental oxygen. Given the recent spike in cases, it is important for the state government to take necessary measures for prevention and management.

- With inputs from IANS

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